Maeng Da Kratom: The Most Powerful Strain

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Maeng Da kratom is a variety of kratom that is somewhat more mysterious and controversial than the varieties that most people are familiar with. It is often considered to be the most powerful and potent form of kratom. Some individuals believe that it is a genetically enhanced strain of kratom but, more likely, it is simply a strain that is less understood but more powerful. Most individuals that have used this particular strain believe that it is more efficient at providing users with a feeling of increased energy and mellowness. Since it can be used in lower doses, many feel that it is more economical than other, more widely available, strains. Find out more about kratom by click here.

Critics of Maeng Da kratom maintain that, while the effects are more powerful, they are not as long lasting. Some individuals have also noted that high doses of this particular strain of crater provide less feelings of euphoria. High doses of the more commonly available types of crater are well renowned for the feelings of mellowness that users experience. Some have even stated that this particular strain has more of a depressing effect. Since many individuals use crater because it can work as a sedative, Maeng Da kratom may be a better choice in some instances.

Kratom Plants: Understanding The Kratom Plant

The kratom plant is actually a tree belonging to the Rubiaceae family and is found natively in parts of Southeast Asia ranging from Malaysia to Thailand. The resin from the leaves of the tree had been popular in parts of Asia for generations thanks to its powerful medicinal properties. Natives of the area often simply chew on the freshly picked leaves of the tree in order to get the effects that kratom is so renowned for. There has been increased interest in other parts of the world in growing the plant locally in order to harvest the leaves for medicinal purposes.

The leaves of the kratom plant are lauded because they can be put to a number of different uses in the treatment and management of common ailments and addictions. Individuals that are suffering from a drug addiction, especially from opium, have stated that the use of kratom decreases their desire for illicit drugs and helps quell the psychological and physical effects of withdrawal. This alone is a powerful testament to the abilities of this amazing Asian plant. The plant is also known for providing users with pleasurable, yet stimulating effects. Raising the dose changes the effects from stimulating to relaxing.

Kratom Controversy

In the 1940s, the government of Thailand made kratom illegal in some forms, as it interfered with their opium tax revenues; however, Thailand’s government is in the process of repealing the law in order to use kratom to treat drug addicts. Due to its euphoric qualities it is used as a recreational “legal high” and sold online and in head/smoke shops. This focus jeopardizes its value as a medicinal plant. While it is currently legal in most US states, it is on the watch list by the DEA. Because it is so effective in getting people off of prescription drugs, it would not be surprising to find pharmaceutical companies behind the push to make this amazing gift from nature illegal.

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