Beauty treatments that you want to give you this Christmas

Beauty treatments

December is high season in beauty centers and medical-aesthetic clinics for beauty treatments . In this time of reunions with family and friends to celebrate Christmas , we love to show off our best face. The facials are the star and according to the specialists we look for quick treatments, with a flash effect , to arrive at the dinners and meals with a younger face, without wrinkles, and radiant. Each year there are more clients who join in giving beauty at these parties. And it is a safe bet, who does not like to be beautiful? Or, simply, have a moment where you can disconnect from the daily routine.

Thus began the conversation with Vanessa. She complained about making gifts that did not convince her and that she ended up going like a crazy looking from store to store. This year he wants to surprise his mother and two sisters, so he has decided on treatments that will surely triumph.

Thus began the conversation with Vanessa. She complained about making gifts that did not convince her and that she ended up going like a crazy looking from store to store. This year he wants to surprise his mother and two sisters, so he has decided on treatments that will surely triumph. Keep reading Tricks to be ready in 5 minutes


best Beauty treatments

Revolution Hair is the first treatment that combines the best of keratin and the practicality and simplicity of a treatment. In just one session of an hour it goes from having a dry, frizzy and dull hair to boast of bright and hydrated peeling. In addition, curling is controlled with just one blow of the dryer.

Take keratin, creating, cysteine ​​and amino acids, and it works whether you have fine hair or thick hair. The price is about$ 99.


The Mindful Touch is a mindfulness spa experience that connects body and mind, something that will greatly improve the result of beauty treatment. It is the most innovative proposal in the field of spa and it combines the most exclusive cosmetics, the professionalism of the beautician and a virtual reality video inspired by mindfulness.

The objective? That the client not only shows a wonderful skin, but that she enjoys all the sensory nuances of the ritual and experiences more intensely the pleasure of beauty. The people who have tried it say they finish this ritual with fabulous skin and in a state of relaxation, calm and incredible well-being.The prices are $ 90, 1 hour; and$ 150, 1 hour and a half.


top Beauty treatments

Skin Up is an ultrasonic electronic device that vaporizes all the necessary assets to keep the skin in perfect condition throughout the day. The most important thing – besides its incredible benefits for the skin – is that it is a product that you can always carry, since it is about the size of a medium mobile phone. This allows you to use it at any time.

And what does the recharge contain? Chronically acid, co enzyme Q, politic acid and aloe Vera. These four components will make the skin of the face stay young and brighter throughout the day. The mixture of these active ingredients is a real source of instant energy, providing the skin with an excellent level of hydration … and, in addition, slows down the aging process.


For those who want to give more color to your face, there is the golden version of the Skin Up device that adds sugar cane. It is recommended to apply about 4 or 5 doses a day on the face, neck and hands. Each application lasts about 30 seconds and after this time, the device will turn off automatically. There are no contraindications if you want to apply it more times a day, so you can spray yourself as many times as you need. The price of the Skin Up, plus two refills of the treatment to fill the applicator, is $ 235.


Caring for the skin is very important, although we often forget to do it properly, which is why these dates are ideal to treat us and take care of ourselves. In the market there are lots of beauty treatments as needed. In this case we are left with a regenerated and anti-aging that even the youngest skin can undergo, as a way of prevention. This is the Neuronal  Eclat Superb ritual of the Swiss cosmetics firm Weathermen. It lasts about an hour, during which the power of chronically acid acts to renew the skin filling small wrinkles and smoothing the lines of expression. All without punctures or needles!


the Beauty treatments

Our second proposal is a temple of beauty attended by celebrities such as Paula Chevalier, Maribel Verde, Marta Haas and Blanca Suarez, among others. This is Tasha Beauty, a center where we find all kinds of treatments, from its famous Tasha Signature Face to body treatments and even hair. For our part, if we had to stay with one to give this Christmas we recommend the 2 Pure Gold Treatment ($ 350). One of the last hits in beauty and that we can enjoy in Tasha since November. A treatment that consists of a facial mask of gold and silver that achieves a visibly rested, luminous, rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

All these rituals, including the 2 Pure Gold Treatment, take place at its two centers, Castellated and E Plant. In addition, now some Spanish cities can enjoy them thanks to Tasha in your city , a project that, following the concept Beauty on the road , is touring some Spanish towns. The first stop was Valencia. Maybe your city is next!


In the neighborhood of Las Salsas in the capital of Madrid, specifically in the Camphor street, is the Wellness Boutique Experience, an exclusive urban spa inspired by the best in the world. A center where we find luxurious booths and highly qualified professionals working on them to release the tensions of everyone who puts themselves in their hands.

If you want to give one of their beauty treatments , the Bangkok Experience is a very good bet. This Thai ritual that they have recently incorporated into their menu of treatments is perfect for a gift as a couple. It is as complete as its price includes a body peeling, a personalized body massage, a facial and a tasting menu at the Sriracha restaurant, one of the fashionable Thais at the moment.


In the number 26 of Juan Bravo (Madrid) we find The Calm Beauty, a center with great Asian influence created by Carolina DE Castro and Mathias Prats. A place for you to relax and enjoy the best beauty treatments.

Its menu is as wide and includes, from the classic manicures and pedicures to personalized beauty-wellness rituals . For that reason, giving one of these experiences at Christmas can be the perfect detail, how complicated it is to decide which one. If you want to get out of the classic and bet on one of the most innovative treatments of the moment, we recommend the lifting Lift Led Mask facial treatment. A revolutionary LED mask that enhances facial rejuvenation, regenerating collagen and reducing congestion of the skin, to give way to a bright and relaxed face. The latest in beauty technology !


discover Beauty treatments

Felicitated Cabrera is one of the most prestigious aesthetic centers in Madrid. Therefore, if what you want is quality and good results in your beauty treatments , this may be the place you were looking for.

Your letter is very broad, both in aesthetics and aesthetic-medical, but if you want our recommendation for this Christmas, bet on Personal Peeling. A whole revolution in the world of beauty since it gets the results of traditional chemical peels without producing side effects. It is suitable even for the most sensitive skin and manages to bring greater luminosity to the face and regenerate the skin as well as other results that are sought according to the needs of each person.

If you also want to try it or give it away this Christmas, its center is on Callie Telecast. The peel has a price of $ 160 for the aesthetic treatment and $ 190 for the doctor.


Cosmetics is increasingly aware of the natural, so if you want to bet on a treatment that is respectful of the animal world we recommend a manicure with the enamels of the EVOKE DE Bio Sculpture line. These vegan nail polishes surprised us this season with a collection in four metallic shades. Some lacquers that, in addition to getting a perfect nail color will also remain well cared for. And if that were not enough, they have vitamin A and E that penetrate the nail, improving its permeability and making the nail more healthy.

We bet on Brutish, a center located on Libertarian street (Madrid) but you can try the EVOKE manicures in many other beauty salons and cities. Eclat Beauty in Barcelona, ​​Angles & Nails in Verona, Carmen Sanchez Aesthetics Center in Seville and The Nails Palace in Palms DE Mallory are some of them.


The Organic Spa is a reference in oriental therapies and organic beauty and that’s why we could not miss our recommendations. In this exclusive center you will find both individual and couple massages performed in an incredible luxury suite. Traditional Thai massage, Balinese massage, Lome Lome (ancient Hawaiian massage) royal Thai massage … A menu as varied as exotic that you can enjoy at number 90 of Scalawag street in Madrid.

If we have to opt for one of his proposals, we are left with his Luxury Ritual for 2 ($ 450), a gift for you and for the person with whom you want to enjoy it. This treatment, inspired by the Balinese Honeymoon, is one of the most complete bets that we have found in the market, consisting of two and a half hours of massage with champagne and chocolates, plus a dinner at Thai Garden 2112.


new Beauty treatments

The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of our face, which is why many women often seek to enhance the look. Eyelash treatments such as extensions or inserts can be a good option. Although, if you want something more natural, we recommend a face lift.

The British firm Noumea Lashes, is a specialist in this field and works with some centers (such as Twenty nails) that perform this ritual. A technique for, instead of curling the eyelashes, stretch them and thus achieve a natural lifting without the need for extensions. In addition, if you complete the treatment with the vegan serum of eyebrows and eyelashes of the brand, the effect will be even more lasting thanks to conditioning and hydrates to get a result of ten.

If, like us, you bet on Twenty nails, you have two centers in Madrid, in Acacias and Tirol, but if the capital falls a little way, there are centers that use this Noumea Lashes treatment throughout Spain. Che Sous Aesthetics in Barcelona, ​​Mia-t in Bilbao and Kara in Valencia, are just some examples.


In the heart of the Rojas Salve, just 15 kilometers from Logrolling and 45 from Victoria, we discovered the wonderful Hotel Villa DE Guardian. It has a total of fifteen cabins where they perform very natural treatments. All related to wine, oil and aromatic herbs. Taking advantage of these dates we find the Christmas Wine Therapy by DOLORES, in collaboration with the beauty firm.

This beauty treatment aims to decongestant, eliminate toxins and illuminate the face thanks to the benefits of Seminole. An antioxidant extracted from grapes that prevents, among others, skin aging. A treatment to relax, enjoy and make the most of the benefits of this product.

Finally, Christmas has arrived and with it the dreaded moment to find the perfect gift . A headache that haunts us every year as if it were our worst nightmare. Because hitting is never easy and rarely is achieved. Leave aside the absurd gifts, those that end in the back of the closet and with which you never hit. If you want to go for sure, beauty treatments are one of the best bets.

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