How to spa at home: spend a day of relaxation in solitude

spa at home

Preparing a spa at home can be a great idea. Celebrate with friends or even have fun with a partner. You can do it so much if you have not been able to go on vacation and have stayed in the town or city or in the holiday apartment you are in.

In summer, it is also essential to take care of our skin. Our hair and a home spa plan can be the perfect opportunity to try new products and prepare home remedies to repair the damage caused by sun and heat.

Arranging everything for a free beauty session in our home is much simpler and cheaper than you think. Do you know how to do it? If no, let’s dive in it. Well attentive to everything you can do for very little at home. Follow the steps to make the spa at home.  We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

How to the spa at home

Are you going to take a relaxing bath or are you going to prepare a beauty session? Are you going to apply masks or are you just going to lie down for a while to relax with the environment? If you are going to raise the day with someone else, you will save yourself unexpected expenses if you leave everything planned and prepared in advance. Think about what you need:


The first thing you will need will be dry towels. It is very basic, but if we do not have them when we need them, we can flood half the house. If we are going to do some beauty treatment or facial masks, we should also prepare wipes or small bowls with water and towels to remove the product afterward. The towels are essential for a day of the spa without incidentals.


Prepare your cosmetic and makeup case if you are going to enjoy a beauty session. You do not need to buy new products for the occasion. You can do it perfectly with what you already have at home. If you are going to share it, make sure everything is in good condition. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.


Do you want to prepare some chocolate therapy or aromatherapy massages? In that case, it is better to be clear about what you will need before putting yourself into it. The first thing is where you are going to make them: prepare extra towels if you are going to make them on the bed, a sofa or on a table (that supports the weight). Remember that you should not do anything beyond fun and relaxation. Only a qualified professional should do a body spa to avoid unnecessary injuries.

What can you do now? You can prepare a hot bath with aromatic salts and oils for the skin.

A relaxing bath

Prepare a restorative bath by adding to the hot water salts or bath bombs, special gels or skin oils. Fill the bathtub and spend some time reading your favorite book, listening to music or even watching a series or movie that you like. Take advantage of being in the water to exfoliate and apply a mask.

Facial treatment

Do you have a steam machine for your skin? If you have it, great! If you do not have it, you can get a similar effect by heating water in a container and leaning over it. So that, the steam reaches your face. Be very careful and do not burn! Spend some time with your skin exfoliating and massaging it with your favorite products or cheer up and try a new beauty routine.


You can also apply products, oils, and home remedies in the hair and spend the afternoon to take care of the hair. One of the parts of our body most damaged by the sun in summer. Prepare some homemade masks and make yourself a hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try.


Massage your feet, use hand creams and other natural remedies and fix your nails as you like. A fun idea to make with friends is to look for the latest trends in nail beauty.

Relaxing massage

Lie down and enjoy a relaxing massage with aromatic oils on your body, on your face, or both. It should not be a deep massage or to relieve pain if it is not going to be done by a professional. But you can use a product that you like. Simply, massage the skin with care and love to forget your worries.

Choco therapy

Chocolate therapy is a highly demanded treatment due to its multiple properties. It is great for the skin because the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals of cocoa nourish the skin and treat dryness instantly. Also, it also has other positive effects on our nervous system, thanks to magnesium (it helps relax muscles) and tryptophan (helps in the production of serotonin and gives us a sense of well-being). You can prepare your chocolate oil with dark chocolate, almond or coconut oil, and sea salt. Too easy!

Geothermal massage

Surely more than once you have seen the spa treatments in which stones are placed on your back, and you have asked yourself what they are. These treatments are massages with geothermal stones and consist of placing stones of a certain size and weight applying heat or cold in certain parts of the body. Without the proper technique and knowledge, you will not be able to perform this type of massage. You can emulate it using cold and warm round volcanic stones on the skin, making a body massage with them and leaving your mind blank for a few minutes.


Take care of yourself. A day of the spa at home and relaxation is the perfect occasion to prepare smoothies or smoothies of homemade fruits. Choose foods with specific nutrients for your needs or prepare them with the ingredients that you like the most. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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