White gel nail polish: the trend of the summer

white gel nails

White nails are the new trend of the season, elegant and chic combine creativity with simplicity for a summer manicure that enhances the tan.

The white manicure is elegant and creative at the same time. The various shades available ranging from pearly to milky white allow you to obtain a look that is suitable for many occasions. In the past, the white manicure was used above all for weddings given its elegance. Today it can be seen combined with any look, from sporty to super glam. Despite the apparent simplicity, however, this manicure hides pitfalls caused by the difficulty of applying neutral nail polish. And by the fact that there are various shades of white that are not all the same.

White gel nails: when to show them off

The gel nails are durable and resistant and solve the problem of manicure for several weeks ensuring simply perfect hands. Not all shades of white are the same, in fact, you have to choose differently based on your complexion to have an optimal result. First of all, with theTan, we tend to prefer bright white because it is particularly bright and in contrast with the golden color of the skin. It is able to enhance the various amber shades.

Those who do not like white can opt for a more delicate shade such as cream or ivory. Especially indicated when you are not lucky enough to be tanned. The most romantic women can choose shades that turn to lilac. Or other pastel shades that enhance the whiteness of white. The manicure can be worn indifferently for any event thanks to its particular allure that makes it versatile and truly chic.

White and milky white nail polish: what are the differences?

The white and milky white enamel are not the same but there is a substantial difference: while the first is very opaque, the second reveals the underlying skin color. The milky white nail polish is particularly delicate, with a single pass it gives uniformity to the nail instead with two it gives definition and covers the discolorations by turning pink.

White, on the other hand, is much more evident and less delicate especially in the chalk version, for this reason. It goes well with tanned skin and is recommended during the summer. The milky white manicure is that of the brides, delicate and romantic gives class and elegance when combined with an olive complexion the final effect leaves you speechless. Very important is a super shiny topcoat that gives even more shine and style.

How to take care of white gel nails

White gel nails are really ideal for those who want a versatile and lasting manicure, they can also be made at home: you just need a lamp and the necessary products. The white manicure requires a perfect filing of the nail to avoid highlighting any inaccuracies also. It given the difficulty of applying this color, it is important to apply nail polish on top of a base. Otherwise, you will not have an optimal final result but rather inaccurate and rough. After catalyzing the base, it is always preferable for both white and milky white enamel to perform two coats.

Finally, the inevitable touch is the topcoat that gives shine and finalizes the result in a simply perfect way. The manicure can be finished with jewel applications or shades of color such as a French-made with pastel shades. White nails are very delicate because they could get stained by carrying out daily actions: for this reason. It is preferable to wear gloves to carry out the tasks at home.

White nail polish: when to avoid it

In general, white nail polish is good for everyone , it adapts to various types of complexion by choosing the right shade. The only advice is to avoid it when you have a pale complexion tending to yellowish, in this case. In fact, if the right shade is not found, the final effect is not the best. White nail polish should also be avoided by those who do not have a healthy nail base, as discoloration and imperfections would be really noticeable, only applying a good base can improve the application.

Trendy combinations of white nail polish

White, like a canvas, can be the basis of many nail art successful and super chic. There is no combination that is bad, just bring out your creativity to get a trendy result. For example, the use of gold or silver brilliants can give truly versatile and modern solutions perfect for the chicest events. The combination with black is also excellent. In fact, it manages to make nail art unique, here are some examples.

Black and white gel nails

White gel nails can be embellished with black geometric elements, two opposite colors that when combined make a lot. The French manicure with an almond-shaped nail and matte black bezel is also very popular, the final result was also appreciated by many Hollywood divas who proposed this trend on the red carpet.

White and pink gel nails

Romantic and classy, ​​the white and pink manicure is perfect for those women who want a delicate element that enhances the whiteness of the nail. The pastel pink in all its shades to lilac and wisteria gives a modern twist to manicures and really stylish. You can create very interesting patterns or super fashion floral manicures.

White and glitter gel nailswhite gel nails

Glitter is now a Passepartout on any manicure but on white. They give extra gear to the final result by finding a base that enhances them to the fullest. Not only gold or silver glitter but also red or blue are perfect to give grit and personality to a classic manicure.

The rhinestones are perfect to make the white manicure more suitable for special occasions, they can be applied on the entire nail or on parts of it and give a modern and trendy look. The choice of the glitter shade can be based on your complexion or on the outfit you intend to wear.

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