Accountancy as a viable job choice

Have you ever considered a career in accountancy? For some, it is a clear-cut decision right from school age, and for others, it is something they stumble upon by chance or when looking for a change of career direction. But all those working in the industry can attest to accountancy and bookkeeping as far from dull but incredibly rewarding when you can help a range of businesses with their finances, for example. Ultimately, if you have a head for figures and problem-solving, a good eye for details, and are happy following set processes, then this may be an industry you may want to consider.

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These are some reasons why people choose to work in the accountancy sector:

Varied training options

Many think the only way to be an accountant is to take a financial qualification at university. This is not the case, and university is just one route into the financial world. You can take an IAB or AAT qualification with some good GCSE or A-Level results and study alongside an entry-level job in an accountancy firm where you will gain practical experience and professional qualifications. For information from a Stroud Accountants, visit a site like

Not stuck in one place

The progression opportunities in accountancy are almost limitless. Not only do you have the progression through your qualifications to become a chartered accountant should you wish to, but you can also then branch off and specialise in specific areas such as business investments, business financing, mergers and acquisitions, and tax planning. You also find that many chartered accountants eventually end up as partners or managing directors and chairpersons in large corporations. This may mean moving away from working in an accountancy firm to working in the same job role but in a different industry sector.

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You can go it alone

Bookkeeping and accountancy are two jobs that lend themselves to suitable self-employment options, with many larger firms starting as smaller businesses and growing into more reputable practices over time. The work that must be undertaken also lends itself to non-conventional working hours if you are looking for a job that can be worked around young children or whatever your family commitments are. Larger firms often look for contract accountants and bookkeepers that they can call upon during their busiest times–usually from October through until around May.

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