Finding Out What is Wrong with Your Aerial so you Can Enjoy Your Favourite Programmes

One of the most popular ways to relax in the evening is watching television. Whether you are into your favourite soaps and want to catch up on the latest from Albert Square or Coronation Street, like to get lost in a gripping drama series, or enjoy a good documentary, watching the television is something that has been a popular part of life since the 1950s when having a television in the home started to become more popular and affordable for people.

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However much technology has moved on in those years, televisions can still encounter technical difficulties and getting home to find that you can’t watch anything on the box is very frustrating! Often, when you are having a problem with your television, it is the aerial that is the culprit – here are some of the reasons you may have been struggling to get a good reception…

Cables not Connected Properly – This is an easy one to fix so you should check this first. It is easy for a cable to get knocked out of where it should be by accident, so check around the television and the wall and make sure that all cables are connected properly and in the right places.

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Something Blocking the Signal – Sometimes the signal can be blocked by an object in the way – if there are new buildings that have been put up recently, or you have a tree nearby that has grown larger this could be the cause of a blocked signal. The aerial can be raised or repositioned to get around this and get you your signal back!

Damage to the Aerial – Over time aerials can become damaged by the weather and natural wear and tear. Aerials that are over ten years old are likely to eventually need replacing as they age, so if this is the case, it is best to get a professional like this TV aerial repair Bristol based company to come and replace the aerial for you.

Cable Damage – The cable itself can also become damaged over time – pests like mice as well as weather can cause the cable to deteriorate, and if this is the case it will need to be replaced.

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