How to Get Fortnite Valentines?

How to Get Fortnite Valentines?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and for gamers, that means finding fun and creative ways to celebrate with your favorite video games. Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there, so Fortnite-themed Valentines can be a great option for fans of the battle royale game. In this article, I’ll go over different ideas for how to get Fortnite Valentines and make your Valentine’s Day more epic.

Printable Fortnite Valentine’s Cards

Printable Fortnite Valentine's Cards

One easy way to get Fortnite Valentines is to print out printable Valentine’s Day cards featuring Fortnite skins, characters, and themes. There are lots of free printables available online to choose from. Here are some options:

  • Search on Etsy or Google for “Fortnite Valentine printables”. Lots of sellers offer digital downloads of Fortnite Valentine’s cards in PDF format that you can print at home. These usually feature popular skins like Peely, Fishstick, and Brite Bomber.
  • Look on Pinterest for Fortnite Valentine pin templates. Pinners have shared lots of free printable designs. I found super cute ones featuring Pink Bear and Red Nosed Raider.
  • Check Fortnite fan sites and forums. Fans often share their own homemade Fortnite Valentine’s card designs for others to print out. I found printable cards with skins like Remedy and Chic on a big Fortnite fan site.
  • Use an online Valentine’s card maker. Some websites let you make custom Valentines by uploading your own photos. Just add your favorite Fortnite skin!

When printing Fortnite Valentines, use cardstock paper for best results. Decorate with Fortnite stickers, washi tape, or glitter gel pens to make them pop. Printable Valentines are affordable, customizable, and perfect for handing out at school or Fortnite gaming parties.

DIY Fortnite Themed Valentines

Along with printables, you can also make amazing DIY Fortnite Valentines and gifts by hand. Here are some DIY ideas to try:

Fortnite Skin Valentines

  • Paper doll Valentines – Cut and decorate paper dolls of skins like Peely or Fishstick to make funny Valentines. Use construction paper, glitter, and googly eyes.
  • Face mask Valentines – Make masks of popular Fortnite faces like Bunnymoon or Tomatohead. Attach to sticks or headbands.
  • Soap Valentines – Carve soap bars into Fortnite weapons like pickaxes. Write clever Fortnite phrases on them.

Food and Treat Valentines

  • Candy bar Valentines – Use printable skin faces or Fortnite text to customize fun size candy bars for Valentines.
  • Fortnite cookies – Bake and decorate sugar cookies or gingerbread men inspired by skins or the battle bus.
  • Loot Llama fruit snacks – Make your own Loot Llama fruit snacks with blue jello, fruit roll-ups, Swedish Fish, and gummy bears.
  • Chug Jug Capri Suns – Attach printed Fortnite drink labels onto juice pouches or water bottles.

Other Ideas

  • Slurp Juice Valentines – Make slime in blue and purple colors and package in small jars with Fortnite labels.
  • Ammo Box Valentines – Decorate cardboard boxes or bags to look like ammo crates. Fill with Fortnite treats and goodies.
  • Battle Bus Valentines – Fold yellow or blue paper into origami battle buses. Write Valentine’s messages on them.

The great thing about DIY Fortnite Valentines is you can get really creative and have fun with different crafting materials. Make them personal by incorporating your Valentine’s favorite skin or location.

Shop for Fortnite Valentines

If you want Fortnite Valentines without the DIY effort, there are lots of great options you can buy online:

  • Etsy – Many Etsy sellers offer handmade Fortnite Valentines, from 3D pop-up cards to glass jar gifts filled with themed candies. Lots of customizable options.
  • Amazon – Search for “Fortnite Valentine’s” on Amazon for themed mugs, pillows, cards, jewelry, cake toppers, and more featuring various skins. Prime shipping is handy.
  • eBay – eBay has affordable Fortnite Valentine’s Day supplies like pencils, erasers, stickers, pins, notebooks, and more featuring skins and logos.
  • Redbubble – Check out Redbubble’s Fortnite Valentine’s Day cards and masks featuring cool designs by independent artists.
  • Fortnite Store – Sometimes there are limited edition in-game Valentine’s skins released for the holiday. Grab them from the Item Shop if available.

When buying Fortnite Valentines, read product reviews first to ensure good quality. Shop early to allow time for shipping. Look for sales or use promo codes to save money on gifts.

Fortnite Themed Valentine’s Parties

Having a Fortnite Valentine’s Day party is a fun way to celebrate the holiday with your gamer friends and loved ones. Here are ideas for throwing an epic Fortnite-themed party:


  • Make DIY pickaxe balloons, loot llama piรฑata, Battle Bus banners, and Fortnite skin posters.
  • Use turquoise, blue, yellow, and purple balloons, streamers, confetti, and scene setters to match the game’s colors.
  • Display weapon props, gaming setups, monitor displays, and mood lighting for an immersive party zone.

Food and Drinks

  • Chug Jug fruit punch with ginger ale. Shield Potion blue jello shots. Slurp Juice blue raspberry lemonade.
  • Make loot llama cupcakes, Fortnite logo cookies, and piรฑata cake filled with candy loot.
  • Candy bar with skin faces. Swedish fish and gummy bears. Battle Bus pretzel sticks.


  • Play Fortnite duos or squads. Have challenges like most eliminations or Victory Royales.
  • Piรฑata loot hunting. Give the winner a gift card or V-Bucks.
  • Fortnite trivia games about skins, locations, weapons, strategies, and lore.
  • Dance battle replicating emotes like Floss, Hype, Best Mates. Give prizes for best dances.

With fun decor, on-theme food and drinks, and game-inspired activities, a Fortnite Valentine’s party makes for a memorable way to celebrate the holiday. The more creative you get with Fortnite elements, the better the party!

Creative Fortnite Valentine’s Gifts

Creative Fortnite Valentine's Gifts

Looking for the perfect Fortnite-related gifts for your sweetheart? Here are unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas any fan will love:

  • Custom skin art – Commission digital artwork or painting of their main skin. Print and frame it.
  • Personalized keychain – Keychain with their favorite skin or gamer tag engraved.
  • Gaming chair – Upgrade their battle station with a new color coordinated gaming chair.
  • Controller – Customize a controller with Fortnite skins or their name. Includes color options.
  • V-Bucks – Gift card to purchase extra V-Bucks currency in-game. Lets them unlock skins, emotes and more.
  • Battle Pass – Buy them the current season’s Battle Pass for exclusive character and weapon unlocks.
  • Signed merch – Check for limited autographed Funko Pops, shirts, posters featuring top streamers and pros.
  • PC gear – Upgrade their PC with new Fortnite branded headset, mouse, or keyboard.
  • Adventure book – Illustrated guides to exploring the Fortnite universe and lore.

The most meaningful Fortnite Valentine’s gifts involve their favorite skins, weapons, pro players, or in-game achievements. Add a heartfelt card and chocolate loot for extra love!

Romantic Fortnite Valentine’s Date Ideas

Want to plan a romantic Fortnite-themed date with your gamer sweetie? Try these cute date night ideas:

  • Picnic in the park – Pack a picnic basket with Battle Bus sandwiches, Chug Jug wine, and Victory Royale cupcakes. Spread out a blanket and gaze at clouds shaped like llamas or pickaxes.
  • Candlelit dinner – Cook a fancy dinner together themed around Fortnite foods like slurp juice cocktails, shield potion pasta, and loot llama cheeses. Light candles and enjoy.
  • Game night in – Order pizza delivery and battle side-by-side to get a Duos Victory Royale. Open Valentine’s loot boxes containing flowers, cards, chocolate, and a personalized gift.
  • Arcade date – Spend the day at a LAN arcade gaming center to play Fortnite. Compete to see who can get more eliminations or the overall Victory Royale. Loser buys milkshakes.
  • Concert date – Many top Fortnite streamers like Ninja and Loserfruit host gaming concerts and events. Attend one together!
  • Romantic at-home spa date – Give each other pedicures and paint your nails in Fortnite colors. Make skin care masks modeled after your mains. Enjoy a bubbly Chug Jug bath.

Any activity you do together – gaming, eating good food, going out – will feel special on Valentine’s Day. The key is spending quality time together doing things you both love!


1. What are some good last-minute Fortnite Valentine’s gift ideas?

Some easy last-minute Fortnite gift ideas include V-Bucks gift cards, Fortnite socks or t-shirts, Funko Pops of their main skin, novelty candies in ammo boxes, or a Heartspan glider skin code (if available in the shop). A funny or romantic card expressing your feelings is always a good simple gift too.

2. What should I write in a Fortnite Valentine’s Day card?

Get creative with Fortnite puns and wordplay like “Let’s get this Victory Royale”, “You make my heart bloom”, or “We make a perfect duo”. Adding a reference to their favorite skin or weapon shows you pay attention. Or simply share from the heart what you love about them.

3. What do you gift someone who loves Fortnite?

Gift ideas for Fortnite lovers include: Battle Pass for exclusive unlocks, V-Bucks for in-game purchases, new gaming headset or controller in their favorite color, character art or Funko Pops of their main skin, books on Fortnite gameplay strategy, or fun novelty gifts like slippers or mugs featuring the game.

4. What emojis can I add to a Fortnite Valentine’s text or card?

Good Fortnite emojis to use include: ๐Ÿ† for Victory Royale, ๐ŸšŒ for Battle Bus, ๐ŸŽฎ for gaming/gamer, โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ for rainbow hearts, ๐ŸŸฉ๐ŸŸจ๐ŸŸง๐ŸŸฆ๐ŸŸช๐ŸŸซ for loot llama colors, ๐Ÿ‘ซ for duo, ๐Ÿฅค for Chug Jug, ๐Ÿ›’ for loot.

5. What are some Fortnite Valentine’s gifts to avoid?

Avoid gifts that don’t relate to their interests or gameplay style, like skins they don’t use. Stay away from V-Bucks if they are trying to cut back on spending. Don’t gift gear for other games or platforms they don’t use. Cheap quality/unlicensed merch may disappoint. Overly romantic gifts could feel too intense.


This Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to express love and appreciation for the special Fortnite fan in your life. With fun DIY cards, themed gifts, Battle Bus parties, and romantic dates, you can make the day extra memorable. Celebrate valentine’s gifts without spending money by focusing on shared activities you both enjoy, whether it’s gaming side-by-side, creating crafts, or going out. Let your shared love of Fortnite be the key to a meaningful and budget-friendly celebration. Focus on each other, not just the gifts. If you keep it creative, personalized and heartfelt, your Fortnite Valentine’s Day is sure to get that Victory Royale!

Author: Niru Taylor

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