Do you know how to choose the perfect bra?

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Do you know what is the perfect bra for your chest? Fashions and tastes aside, the perfect bra is the one that dresses without perceiving that it is worn and that fulfills the function for which it has been designed: to hold and protect the chest and the neckline, without damaging, pressing, leaving excessive marks on the skin or that generates nuisances like whales, fabrics, threads that bother or uncomfortable seams.

How to choose the perfect bra

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Knowing how to choose the perfect bra is essential for many women because seven of every ten Spaniards wear a bra of the wrong size, according to a study by the Medical-Aesthetic Institute.

A fact to keep in mind because using bras that do not adapt perfectly to the size and shape of the breasts can cause the appearance of flaccidity, blood circulation problems, pains in the shoulder area or expression lines, among other conditions.

Luckily, there are more and more lingerie stores and lingerie stores of large sizes that put fasteners of all types, shapes, and sizes at your disposal.

Do you know how to choose them well?

Sure your first impulse is to say yes, but your opinion may change if we tell you that when choosing a bra you have to adjust the straps, check that the chest band fits perfectly, that the cup is appropriate and that the hoops, if worn, conform to the contour of the chest. Marta Fernandez Evacuees, the creator of Pillow Bra, gives us the four keys to choose the perfect bra for each breast.

How to find the perfect bra

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Measure your contour well below the chest and at the height of the nipple. If the measurement matches, your cup is A, if there is more than 3 cm, you are a B and if there is 6 cm, a C. Once the letter of the cup is chosen, it should caress your skin, not mark it. The hoops should always rest on your rib cage.

As for the back closure strip, make sure it is placed in the middle of the back without climbing. The straps should rest on your shoulders without slipping or leaving marks. If you have a lot of chests, over the years you will notice that the groove left by the straps becomes permanent.

When choosing a model, if you are someone who has sensitive skin, opt for cotton models one hundred percent. So you minimize possible allergic reactions. Reserve the lace for special occasions.

Where to buy it

Go to specialized stores, where they take the measures, and help you determine which is most appropriate for your chest, which provides a structured support giving a natural shape to the breasts.


The adjustment of the contour band should be at a medium height. Regarding the cup, the garment should be perfectly adjusted and pick up the breast keeping it without pressure in its natural position. The cup should not be too small (a very common mistake), because it presses the chest, nor too big, because it does not pick it up well.


Although you know (or think you know) what your exact size is, think that not all manufacturers have the same size and that the chest modifies its volume frequently due to several factors. Conclusion: always try it before buying it.


In addition to the size, we must take into account what we are going to use it for. It is not the same bra every day that to wear a party dress or to go running. That do not lack in your drawer for the lingerie a sports bra, one of the parties and one specific to sleep, recommended to prevent and solve different problems related to the chest.

Tips for buying the right bra

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  • Your body changes with age, therefore, you probably do not have the same size now as 5 years ago. Check your measurements every year to make sure you buy the right bra.
  • Do not buy bras when you are ovulating or having a period. The size may vary.
  • Never buy a bra without trying it on.
  • Do not buy a bra if you squeeze, folds or leaves marks. The bra should be comfortable and respect the shape of the chest and back.
  • Make sure that the band of the bra is available just down the lower line of the chest. Putting the bra there, the braces should not stay too long or too short, adjust them so that they remain glued to the shoulder without leaving a mark.
  • The wide straps hold the chest better than the small ones. Therefore, if you have a lot of chests, forget about the thin straps.
  • The ring must be stuck to the chest without being uncomfortable.
  • Make sure there is no bulge in the underwear you have chosen.
  • Watch that the straps do not fall all the time.
  • See if the back is much higher than the front. If so, it means that you have not chosen the perfect bra for you.
  • Discard those lingerie garments that leave marks on the skin by exerting too much pressure.
  • Remember that the bras that leave part of the breasts uncovered by the lower area are too small. If this happens, decent for a larger size.

How do I calculate the size of the perfect bra and where do I start?

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The first mistake women make is to ask themselves:  What size do I have? Explains Dun more. Another mistake is having a preconceived idea of the size you should use, because your neckline may not be in the same place as five years ago. In addition to changes due to age or lifestyle, your size may vary depending on the details of the bra itself: the size of the cup, the type of fabric you wear on the band, the shape of the ring, the size of the brand or even the type of lace. And although the sizes usually vary from one brand to another, there are two basic measures that will always guide you regardless of the store you go to the contour size and the cup size. On the internet there are many calculators that do the work for you, but to be even more secure, try the following method.

How is cup size measured?

For this step, most stores recommend wearing your favorite bra, with which you feel more comfortable so that the chest is at the height you want. Then, surround with the tape measure the most prominent part of the bust, at the level of the nipples. Then, subtract this measure from the contour (for example, if the bust measurement is 97 and the contour measurement is 80: 97-80 = 17). With this value, obtain the cup equivalence according to this table: A (12-14cm); B (14-16 cm); C (16-18 cm); D (18-20 cm); E (20-22 cm); F (22-24 cm); G (24-26 cm); H (26-28 cm). According to the previous example, with 17 cm difference, we would have a C cup.

Combine the contour number with the letter of your cup: 90C. You already have your reference measure. But before launching to buy mass on the Internet, remember that getting the perfect fit is more delicate than it seems. Keep reading!

How do I know if my perfect bra fits me properly?

If the adjustment is correct, you should not even notice that you are wearing it, explains Maria Transgression, vice president of merchandising Waco design. Start by using the outermost clasp of all, so that if the fabric gives itself over time, you can adjust it more and keep the band in place. As for the straps, regulate them so they are firm but without getting to dig into the shoulders. If you look sideways in the mirror, your chest should be halfway between your shoulders and elbows. And what is the best way to test it?

The perfect bras for every stage of life

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The multitude of shapes, models, sizes, and cups … The best bras are those that best adapt to the stage of life in which you find yourself and to the concrete situations of everyday life. Succeeding in the election can bring benefits to your health.

It is essential to make a good choice of bra because, as its name suggests, it serves to hold the chest. So that this garment can fulfill its function, it is necessary to choose the correct size or sizes and the ideal models, since its use has consequences at different levels

Many women do not give much importance to the choice of bra, thinking that it does not fulfill anything more than a function of fastening or simply aesthetics, but do not contemplate the needs for adaptability and comfort of the chest and back.

Finally, when it comes to choosing a perfect bra, most women have a lot of doubts. We do not know if it will adapt well to our chest, if the straps will be uncomfortable, if it will adjust to the width of our trunk, etc. Although the measures of the bust and the contour of the chest are very useful to know the correct size, remember that when putting on the bra you should pay attention to certain aspects to know if you have found the right support for you.

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