How to hold the perfect Afternoon Tea

There are no specific rules for the food and drinks you serve. However, it is important to have individual portions! Traditional tea parties include a variety of tasty teas, sandwiches, scones and cakes.

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You can choose how to honour traditional food, but the Duchess said that crusts were a no-no. She served cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese, chicken, ham, and egg sandwiches. If you plan to serve scones at your tea party, choose fruit scones that complement the flavours of the teas. Also, have jam and clotted cream on hand. No tea party would be complete without cake. You can choose from small cupcakes, cake pieces, or petit-fours. For Afternoon tea boxes, go to https://www.afternoonteabox

Tea is the final and most important element of any tea party! Serve only the best, most delicious teas to honour this British tradition. You should have a wide variety of teas to cater to the tastes and preferences of your guests. Teabags are also the most convenient as each person can make their own cup according to their taste and preferences. If you want, provide your guests with sweeteners, creamers and milk as well as lemon slices.

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Three-tiered stands are the most important component of your setup. It will be your focal point and where the majority of action will take place. The stand will hold your small bites and we suggest that you place the tea, teabags and milk around it.

Take the time to arrange your table with your best cutlery, dishes, glasses and bowls. It is best to use small dishes and utensils for afternoon tea. However, this is not required. You’ll also need to provide teacups and saucers for each guest.

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