10 traditional Mexican food and drinks in the world that you should try

Mexican food

Who has not tried a Mexican food or drink at some time in their life? The cuisine of Mexico is currently one of the most widespread in Spain and we can find it in many bars and restaurants in our country.

The Mexican food and cuisine , far beyond tacos and guacamole, has a renowned international reputation and positioning it as one of the most beloved by the citizens of many countries around the world. His dishes, of the most varied, offer us flavors and aromas unique and very characteristic of Mexico, although it is true that contemporary chefs increasingly work with ingredients from other parts of the world to achieve a much more cosmopolitan fusion. Mexicans are famous for several things, but our food is the reference point that makes us unique. In this Manchester collection you will find the most fantastic family delights , incredible tamales recipes , the most traditional recipes of flan and even very delicious recipes of comfort foods that not only enchant your whole family. Keep reading reheat chicken wings.

To start enjoying this  gastronomy , we propose 5 typical dishes of Mexican food that you should try whenever you have the chance:

5 typical dishes of Mexican cuisine

traditional Mexican food

Among its star ingredients we can find corn, beans, chili and nopal, and with these, and many others, prepare delicacies such as:

Tacos: perhaps one of the best known dishes of Mexican cuisine, both inside and outside its borders. They are corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and / or meat, red, green and yellow pepper, tomato and onion, and one of the most internationally known Mexican dishes. You can find them in different ways, all of them very rich.

The enchiladas: if you like spicy food, without a doubt, this is your dish. Similar to tacos but much more spicy, enchiladas carry cheese, both inside and outside. There are also different varieties, each of them from different Mexican regions.

The guacamole: much loved in our country, this Mexican sauce is prepared with avocado and is ideal to accompany some nachos. It also has different preparation styles, but basically it has avocado, onion, green chile and lemon.

The mole: a delicious sauce that contains cocoa, chiles, tomatoes, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, parsley and other spices.

The white, red or green pozole: it is a Mexican soup made with a specific type of corn, the “cacahuazintle”, which is also added pork or chicken to accompany.

In the same way that Mexico has a great variety of regional dishes, this North American country has numerous drinks, which often represent regions and communities in particular.

5 typical drinks of Mexican food

traditional Mexican food and drinks

Tequila: with a great worldwide reputation, and considered one of the most typical liqueurs in Mexico, this drink is original from Jalisco and is made from fermentation with yeast and distillation of blue agave juices.

The mixture: this drink, traditional in the festivals of many indigenous peoples of Mexico, is produced with a plant called agave as a base and gives rise to different classes according to this, the climate, the distillation techniques and the container used to ferment it. .

The tepache: it is one of the most consumed drinks by Mexicans. It is made from corn and a mixture of pineapple and sugar, although other fruits are also used. The tepache is much loved by Mexicans, who drink it especially at parties and regional fairs in many cities and towns of the country. The level of alcohol you have is very low.

The pulque: is the most traditional drink in the center of Mexico, white and rough taste. It is prepared by fermenting the heart of maguey or mead by a process called “scraping”, in which the sweet juice is released to ferment in about 24 hours. This drink is consumed mostly by the more rural communities.

Fresh waters: is the common name given by Mexicans to non-alcoholic beverages made with sweet or sour fruits, with or without sugar, and in which seeds are not included, as a rule, because they alter the sweet taste of the drink. We can find melon, papaya, watermelon, mango, guava or more acid like lemon, chia, lime, orange, pineapple or tamarind, although the possibilities are many more.

The delicious recipes of Mexican cuisine

best Mexican food

Which is the set of dishes and culinary techniques of Mexico that are part of the traditions and its inhabitants, enriched by the contributions of the different regions of the country, which derives from the experience of pre-Hispanic Mexico with European cuisine, among others.

The current basis of Mexican cuisine derives largely from the pre-Hispanic era, with a primordial use of corn, beans, chili, tomato, tomatillo, pumpkin, avocado, cocoa, peanut, amaranth, vanilla, cactus, agave, cacti, herbs and seasonings such as the epazote, the holy leaf, the pápalo and the delicious chelites, diverse volatile species such as the turkey and diversity of mammals, fish and insects.

While various ingredients have been adapted through cultural exchange, European, Asian and African ingredients have been introduced such as wheat, coffee, cumin, mint, bay leaf, oregano, onion, lemon, orange, banana, sugar cane, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, thyme and pepper; many of which have been widely adopted and even historically cultivated in Mexico, such as coffee.

Diversity is the essential characteristic of Mexican cuisine, and regional food is one of its fundamental aspects.

In the markets of each state this diversity is shown, and its activity in the mornings begins with typical breakfasts like sweet or salty muffins, chilaquiles, eggs to taste and drinks with milk, coffee, chocolate and juices, even traditional dishes of each region

Which of these dishes or drinks have you tried or would you like to try?

top Mexican food

If you travel to Mexico, or if you do not want to discover the different flavors and aromas of Mexican cuisine, with this information you will be safe when ordering your dish in a Mexican restaurant.

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the Mexican food

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Finally, a good way to get to know the different cultures of the world is through its cuisine, in the Sapos y Princess section, we take you on a tour of international cuisine and today it is the turn of traditional Mexican food . But if another day you want to try Asian or Italian meals, try these  easy recipes of Asian food to make at home  or these  recipes of Italian cuisine for children. As a result of the fusion of European and indigenous flavors, Mexican food represents the vision of two cultures that gave rise to one of the richest matzo cuisines in the world. And as a trip through Mexico would not be complete without tasting its rich variety of regional dishes, we have prepared a selection for you with the ten most representative and tasty dishes of traditional Mexican food.

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