Perfect sleeping position for lucid dreaming mild

sleeping position

Do you wake up tired, sore and wanting nothing? Discover how the posture you sleep in may be perfect for lucid dreaming mild. If you wake up tired every morning and do not know why the position you sleep in may be affecting your sleep without realizing it.

It is important to take into account that the position in which we sleep can affect breathing, circulation and, as a consequence, cause you to get up without energy. Sleeping upside down is not a good option since, as the spine is not aligned, breathing is affected. In case you can not sleep. Otherwise, you can choose to use a very small pillow thus achieving a better posture.

Sleeping position for lucid dreaming mild

Sleeping position for lucid dreaming mild

For those who usually sleep in fetal position, we have bad news. This position restricts the way we breathe and is responsible for dawning with joint pains. A good idea to improve this posture is to hug a pillow with arms and legs, which will help to align your spine, as many pregnant women do.

What is the lucid dream?

They are those dreams in which we are conscious of being dreaming. The levels of lucidity cover a wide range of experiences, from having a nightmare and when we realize we wake up, to recognize the dream as such, remain conscious within it and change its content with the power of intention. In lucid dreams, we can recognize the dream as such, remain conscious within it and change its content. It is very difficult to control the uncontrollable and that not everyone can direct the dream.

Sleeping postures

lucid dreaming mild

Before choosing a position, you should observe that the joints are not excessively compressed or that the muscles are not in an abnormally shortened or stretched position.

To get a restful sleep, we present you five ideal sleeping positions:

1. Face up. It is ideal for balancing body weight, keeping your internal organs aligned, and preventing neck and back pain. Just make sure you keep a pillow under your knees to help maintain the correct alignment of your back.

2. Fetal position. It is the most recommended for people suffering from back pain, as it is a neutral position for the spine avoiding the weight falls on it.

If the right side is chosen, the hip and left knee should be flexed, regardless of whether the other knee is straight or not and the shoulders are turned. Then adapt the pillow to the neck adopting a curvature similar to that formed when we are standing. Also with this position, you can avoid or reduce breathing difficulties that in another position could arise.

3. Avoid shoulder pain. Try to sleep on the side of the aching shoulder. Sleep on your back with a small pillow under your shoulder with problems. Or, if you sleep on the other side, hug a pillow.

4. Acid reflux. Sleeping on your back can cause problems because the head is not elevated about the stomach so gastric contents can bubble up into the esophagus or the throat. Another solution is to lift the head with pillows or lift the head part of the bed between 5 and 10 centimeters.

5. Upside down, the least recommended. Although only a minority of the population sleeps in this position, it is the least recommended. With this body posture, the spine is forced into a position contrary to its natural form. The neck and cervicals are forced even more.

Lack of sleep is related to the increase of neck and back problems. Getting enough sleep between six and eight hours is important. Remember, your health is in your hands.

Extra sleeping position

Extra sleeping position

Sleeping on the right side causes one of the main veins of the body to be pressed, causing blood to not return properly to the heart, affecting circulation and breathing at night. By placing a rolled towel under the pelvis, you will be able to align your body and remove some pressure from the vein.

Sleeping face down with one leg up causes pressure in the pelvis and pain in the joints. Placing a pillow under your upper leg will help stabilize it and keep you from moving constantly. Sleeping on the back is ideal, although certain people suffer from obstruction in the throat, which should be evaluated by a doctor.

If you are someone who usually turns at night, you can use pillows to keep you from moving constantly. That way you will not wake up tired and aching. Having a good pillow is important, you must choose a dresser that suits you and your postures.

sleeping mattress

Choose the right mattress

The mattress is essential, remember that it must provide the perfect support for your back, keeping it straight to give comfort and rest. So you know, take care of the position in which you sleep and have the right bed and pillow. It is essential to have sweet dreams.

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