2020 Decoration Trends

Decoration Trends

The future is closely linked to the present itself through the planning of different personal goals. In the context of decoration, the future takes the form of those decoration trends that will be fully topical once the New Year is released. What are these news?

Protagonism of the walls in the decoration

Decoration Trends

During the near future of 2020, the home is transformed giving prominence to the aesthetics of the walls. The walls always have an important presence in the interior of the home as shown by the concrete example of those paintings that decorate different points of the house. But the decorative potential of this part of the house is very creative since you can choose ideas among different options.

For example, proposals for wallpaper, different coatings, more striking colors, tiles, paint in neutral tones … The walls are protagonists but also from simplicity. For example, the Nordic decorations and their main tones will continue to be current in the next year. Brick cladding, on the other hand, describes the beauty of an industrial style that will have a strong presence over the next few months. Keep reading how to paint bubbles.

Multifunctional furniture to furnish small spaces

The decoration project increases the beauty of the home from itself. And in those rooms that offer a small space, the practical function of multifunctional furniture is a growing trend in 2020. Also, you can also see proposals that in addition to the own function, add an extra storage space to store items. This organization of space changes the perspective of the place itself.

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Open kitchens at home

Decoration Trends

This trend will continue to be very present in homes, leading to the creation of spaces that maintain visual continuity through the linking of this center with the living room, for example. The kitchen is prepared to be a place of welcome and permanent encounter in so many moments of everyday life.

You can visualize the time in the kitchen lived to the rhythm of different objectives, for example, cooking the menus of the week. But the decoration trends of 2020 make this place a place to be and enjoy, a space of comfort and well-being.

Geometry in the decoration

Another of the decoration proposals that you will see in the 2020 trends is the one that gives prominence to geometry as the main theme. Geometric shapes that can enhance, for example, the aesthetics of an original lamp. But, also, geometric prints that dress textiles. You can also choose geometric shelves to furnish some specific point in the house.


Decoration Trends

Decoration trends can be concretized around different objectives and ideas. As we have seen, the walls will be especially protagonists, the kitchens enhance the beauty of open space and velvet becomes the star element in the universe of textures. Textures that are so important in home decoration. Imagine, for example, a velvet sofa in the living room. An elegant proposal for this seating area. Velvet is a pattern that has already been present in the decoration in the last stage, but the presence of this texture will be even greater thereafter.

The decoration trends of 2020 are extensive and varied. Therefore, you can choose those ideas that you like and that best harmonize with your own home to enhance well-being at home. And what colors will be trend during 2020? Green will be one of the star tones. Gray is a tone that will also continue to be the protagonist of the coming months. Just as the decoration in neutral tones coexists with other proposals of more striking tones.

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