4 Crafts for Halloween

Crafts for Halloween

Create original crafts for Halloween, an economical and practical way to make decorations for Halloween or give a nice touch. These crafts are ideal for parties as they not only serve to store sweets or to light a room but as a very original decorative element.

4. Ghost PalettesCrafts for Halloween

With this craft you will conquer the palate of the little ones, it can be a great idea to give them



White felt

White cardboard

Double-sided adhesive tape

White pipe cleaners

Red ribbon



Handmade glue


  1. Draw two circles of white cardboard for each ghost, if you want you can add some message; stick with the help of double-sided tape the circles to the palette, the back should carry the message and the front will be the face of the ghost.
  2. Cut the white felt into large pieces to cover the candy (50 cm) and leave enough fall to create the body of the ghost, cover the palette and tie with the red ribbon, stick your eyes and your palette is a ready ghost. It is one of the crafts for Halloween.

3. Flowerpot for SweetsCrafts for Halloween

This is a fun option to decorate your home, it is very easy to do and you just need creativity and some materials:


Vinylic glue

Painting (color to choice)

Green paper

White fabric

Moving eyes




  1. The first step is to cut the fabric in long strips and paint with the color you chose and let it dry.
  2. Once ready, apply glue in the pot and see the strips sticking simulating a bandage and let dry.
  3. With the green paper creates leaves of different sizes and forms a bouquet with them, when the pot is already dry with the remaining paper fill the pot and paste the bouquet in the center, place the candy and stick the eyes to the pot, you can customize it as you wish. It is one of the best crafts for Halloween.

2. Paper PumpkinsCrafts for Halloween

They are a nice craft to give that festive touch to your house, you can place them in the living room or in the entrance.


Paper of the color of your choice

Pipe cleaners



Green paper


  1. Cut several strips 5 cm wide and as long as you want; Glue all together only the wide part forming a kind of circle, see shaping the pumpkin and see hitting the tips of the strips until you have a figure equal to that of the image.
  2. Decorate the pumpkin with the cork that will be the stem, around the place the cleaners and create the leaves with green paper and these original pumpkins are ready. It is one of the best crafts for Halloween.

1. Terrorific candlesCrafts for Halloween

A great option to give your house that terrifying touch, these candles are perfect for a Halloween party


Black cardboard

Wire Sticks






  1. On the cardboard, the figures that you like the most (you can download the images from the internet), cut perfectly without forgetting the details, stick these images to the wire sticks and let them dry.
  2. Once dry proceed to stick them to the candle from the back, you can decorate the candle if you wish, or even replace them with small table lamps, when you light the candles you will have the image reflected on your wall.

These are some very simple crafts that will help to give a very special touch to any Halloween party you decide to organize, either for children or for adults.

Author: Sam Owens

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