Ideas to design a small dressing room

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The dressing rooms that we see in magazines and movies are, in general, very large spaces with many closets, armchairs or even stairs, and are located in equally impressive houses.

In this article we want to show you that you do not have to own a mansion to have a complete dressing room. Let these ideas inspire you and add a dressing  to your home.

Sliding doors to gain space

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If we do not have enough square meters we should make the most of every centimeter. For this, it dispenses with conventional doors and adds sliding doors to a closed dressing room . There are many models: colorful, Japanese-inspired, with a mirror … Visit interior design platforms such as homicides to choose the one you like most.

Integrate it into other rooms in the house

If the distribution of your home does not allow you to dedicate a full room to the dressing room, but you have room to spare in the bedroom or in the bathroom, incorporate it in one of these rooms .

In the bedroom you can enlarge the closet space and turn it into a dressing room. In the bathroom it can be a good idea to create a wardrobe in the center of the room, if you choose glass walls you will get that the furniture does not look too heavy.

The mirrors as an essential element

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In addition to enlarging the available space, a mirror is indispensable in every self-respecting dressing room . Place it on the wall, add it to the sliding doors or acquire an independent mirror.

If you want your dressing room to serve as a dressing table, complete it with a smaller mirror. In addition, mirrors are the best allies of small spaces. By reflecting the light and the atmosphere in it, the sense of spaciousness will make the dressing room not too narrow.

An open dressing room is very suitable for small spaces, as it will bring a certain degree of lightness to the design of the room. The clothes will also be visible and the color of the clothes will animate the decoration of the room. Of course, remember that this type of dressing is only suitable if you are ordered.

 Alternatives for very small spaces

If your apartment is really small, how about buying a rack style rack ? It occupies little space, is a very fashionable piece, you can choose the size that suits you and you can also move it easily.

Use attic spaces (if you can)

If the roofs of your home are inclined, take advantage of that space -often disused- to place your dressing room. Assemble the drawers in the corners and in the lower areas, in the middle, make space to hang the shirts and finish with some shelves that make the most of the upper space.

How to make a small dressing room in a room

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Currently, the most common is to make a dressing room when we have a free room in the house. We are going to assume that the room will be completely dedicated to a dressing area, but it is also possible to adapt it to a larger room, where there may be, for example, a place of study.

Although each dressing room will have some characteristics depending on the size that is available, the style of decoration , the type of person who will use it … all the best small dressing rooms have points in common:

  • The best thing for small dressing rooms is that they are open. It is true that a greater order is necessary, but we also gain space and clarity. In the case of using doors, much better than sliding doors , to make the most of the space available.
  • This does not mean that you lose intimacy. It is true that you will have everything in sight, but you can solve it by placing a screen, also giving a more personal touch of the dressing room, or even some original curtains .
  • Combine all this with a chair of the decoration style you have chosen, a stool, or a standing mirror. You will complete the stay and you will have one of the nicest small dressing rooms and personal that you can have.
  • Try to keep things ordered simple. In small dressing rooms we recommend avoiding doors, but this means that anything that is messy will attract a lot of attention. Choose decorated boxes and distribute the wardrobe in a simple way; currently there are many accessories for cabinets that facilitate us the work: pants, removable shelves, organizers of drawers … before launching to buy, think about the space you have and how you can distribute.

How to make a modern and small dressing room decor

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In this article we are going to show you how to make a modern and small dressing room  for a double room with bathroom without spending a lot of money and economic.

How to make a dressing room depends on both the space we have and the budget, so both points we must take them into account before  designing a dressing room

If you are thinking about creating a dressing area in your home, you may have doubts about how to decorate a dressing room . Today we explain the best way to design a dressing room  to be functional and allow you to have clothes and accessories well organized.

The first point when designing a dressing room is to be very clear about what your location will be and what measures we have in the room. The width and height are very important, the width, usually comes already defined series, with about 60 cm deep, our dressing room can accommodate any type of garment.

If you want to make a dressing yourself, the next step is to make a sketch on paper of the final design, clearly specifying the storage areas we are going to make. It is important, especially in the double rooms to have separate areas for each one, since women’s and men’s clothing are very different. A woman’s evening dress is not as long as a men’s shirt, to give a clear example.

Design specialized storage areas: it was finished having everything in a closet in any way, you should look for a storage area for all your clothes, all properly stored in their corresponding space. You can even design areas with baskets, drawers for underwear or accessories. The order within the design of a dressing room is basic, since the imposed order will greatly facilitate its use and will make it much more functional. If you leave things where they touch, it should not be a big problem.

The fittings and accessories for dressing are your great ally, especially because in the case of  small locker help save space. The wicker baskets, the use of multiple hangers for trousers, both for men and women, the skirt hangers, neck ties and side belts, which save a lot of space, or the use of a removable pants, will help you to have the organized clothing and above all, in much less space.

Zapata: there is nothing a woman likes more than having her shoes well ordered in a shoemaker, this idea to decorate a dressing room is basic if you really want it to be functional. In any DIY center you can find specific shoemaker modules for dressing rooms that fit the standard sizes, so it is not difficult to include them.

When it comes to thinking about how to make a modern dressing room, it is also important to take into account the space occupied by the doors of this one and what will be its use, in case it has doors. There are wardrobe designs in which all the clothing is visible, which makes it much easier to quickly choose it, while  designs of locker rooms with doors . In the latter case, we can opt for the sliding doors, which will save us space and where, at the same time, we can urge a  large mirror: many dressing rooms only have storage space, but if we want to see how we have clothes, we will also need a big mirror.

Carpets: so that we can go barefoot in the dressing room, we can not miss the carpets, which allow us to move around without shoes.

If you want to know how to decorate a dressing room so that it is irresistible, remember: the more space you have to store and store your clothes, the easier it will be for your dressing room to be the best. Here we leave a series of  images of dressing rooms for your inspiration, where you can see some practical solutions that you can apply to  design of dressing rooms

Finally, today is the time to talk about small dressing rooms . The reason? That when we talk about dressing rooms, we usually come to the image the typical dressing huge where almost the shoes would occupy a room of our current home. In short, something very unlikely to get. It is necessary to change the concept of what a dressing room is and keep in mind that it is possible to choose between a great variety of small dressing rooms, which for a normal use will be totally sufficient for the day to day. Keep in mind that all the ideas you see can be adapted to small dressing rooms, the important thing is to look at the layout of the room and the interior decoration. The same happens when considering a dressing room, a prior it seems expensive and difficult. That’s why I propose a series of tricks to solve all your doubts about how to make a dressing room with a really small budget, saving space and with a really modern look , allowing you to see all your outfits at once.

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