How Smart Pots Work

Smart Pots

Smart pots are one of the inventions that a few years ago seemed unthinkable could become a reality. Currently, they are causing a real revolution in the world of gardening. Thanks to their operation, they are a perfect solution so that they do not wilt during long absences. Or so that anyone, even the least skilled with plants, can enjoy different vegetables and flowers in their home.

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Throughout history, inventions have occurred in the field of plants. Some of the most important are the various methods of maintaining the water level when direct watering is not possible. With smart pots, you no longer have to worry about this problem. Because, among other functionalities, it is not necessary to spend any time or effort in carrying out this task.

Today it is possible to find a multitude of models of smart pots with different characteristics and functions, although the most common are the following.

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Automatic watering

Most of the smart pots take care of automatically watering the plants they house based on the rhythm that has been established. In addition, they also regulate the consumption of the water reserve when the person is away from home and control the humidity level so that the species maintain good health for a certain time in which it is not possible to offer personal care.

These pots have a water tank, whose capacity ranges around 5 liters. This amount is enough to water the plant for several weeks since the system they integrate is capable of determining with total accuracy how much water is needed at any time.

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Logically, all these functionalities can be managed from an application installed on the mobile phone or through a Bluetooth connection with the pot. In this way, the plant can be seen at all times to check in the state in which it is.

Light and temperature control

Smart pots not only measure the humidity of the plant but through their sensors. They also verify that the intensity of the light they receive and the ambient temperature are suitable for their growth. Users can know this information in real-time to change the position of the plant if necessary and avoid certain damage.

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Fertilizer analysis

Compost is one of the elements that most affect the proper development of a plant. For this reason, smart pots are also designed to send notifications through the mobile application in order to warn of any changes that occur in this component.

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Hydroponic cultivation

This technique consists of cultivating without the need for earthen soil. But in exchange for this, water and nutrients are essential for plant growth. Nowadays you can find smart pots that have been specifically designed to carry out this method.

In this case, it is only necessary to insert the seed into the container. Add the nutrients and the precise amount of water so that the crop begins to develop. Some brands also incorporate LED lights that help accelerate growth, without the need to choose a location with natural light.

Tips on how to care for plants

On the other hand, smart pots have an extensive registry where the data of thousands of plants are included. Among the information they collect are the optimal conditions in which the different species can develop. Based on this, the container sends notifications to the user with recommendations to properly care for the plants.

Devices to make a flower pot smartsmart pots

As a general rule, smart pots have an expensive price, around 100 euros depending on the model. Since it is too high an investment, today a solution is at hand to connect the pots of a lifetime without having to change the containers.

Some manufacturers have designed devices that are introduced into the substrate of the plant to control the parameters of humidity, light, temperature, fertilizers, etc. This information is sent via the mobile application or via Bluetooth to the user in the same way as if it were an original smart pot.

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