How to avoid dust at home

The change of environment, keeping the windows open due to the heat, or not properly cleaning all the corners of the home cause dust to accumulate and give our house a neglected appearance. All the particles that make up the dust, in addition, not only give an image of dirt but can end up affecting your health and that of your loved ones. We want to explain how to avoid dust at home. Learn these tips and find the perfect keys and tricks to prevent dust particles from accumulating in every corner of your home. It’s so easy!

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

First, you will need to improve the air quality in your home. This factor is the main problem of dust accumulation since it is the air that is in charge of transporting the particles and leaving them in any corner. In order to improve its quality, we recommend that you avoid opening the windows too much. Although many people see it as a good ventilation method, you should know that the outside air will also bring other particles such as pollen or dust into your rooms. The best option to cool and ventilate the rooms will be through air conditioning.

Step: 2

Another essential trick to improve the quality of air and ventilation in the home is to change and control the air filters, both in the heating and in the air conditioning unit. The filters tend to get dirty and damaged, so if they are not in good condition, there can be an accumulation of dust in the devices, also influencing the home. The idea is to change it, more or less, once a month. If you use a heat pump, we recommend placing a piece of cheesecloth over its grilles, so you can filter the air properly.

Step: 3

Although we have mentioned that having the windows open for a long time is not positive, you should not neglect the ventilation of the home. We recommend that you do it by schedule. The best time to ventilate the home is first thing in the morning and at night. Both are times when not much dust and pollen will enter, and you can keep your house fresh and clean.

Step: 4

Remember that dust can enter from any side, so we advise you to place a mat in front of the door to trap dust and thus prevent it from sneaking in underneath.

Step: 5

Do you like rugs? Well, you should know that they are one of the decorative elements that most trap and attract dust and its mites. We advise you to get rid of them. Otherwise, you should keep them very clean, through routine maintenance. The most advisable thing to avoid the accumulation of dust is to opt for wooden floors.

Step: 6

Just like carpets, there are many other types of fabrics that attract dust. That is why we advise you to decorate your home avoiding them. Decorate your home with elements that can be easily cleaned with water and a cloth and thus avoid the accumulation of dust.

Step: 7

Vacuum cleaner? No! To get rid of dust, the ideal is to clean the floor with water, as often as possible. Think that both the broom and the vacuum cleaner will lift the dust, which instead of being eliminated will adhere to other areas or objects in the home. We recommend using the vacuum cleaner only for carpets or fabrics, such as curtains, armchairs, or sofas.

Step: 8

Clean the furniture (chairs, tables, dressers, desks, shelves…) with a dry cloth. Remember to reach all areas, even those that are not seen or that you do not use much, as they are the ones that can accumulate the most dust.

Step: 9

Keep your room clean every day. Think that sleeping in dust can seriously affect your health, as it will not let you breathe properly or it can aggravate your allergies. This room must be clean and away from the accumulation of dust on a daily basis. If you have a rug inside your bedroom, steam cleans it at least once a week.

Step: 10

Finally, remember to establish a cleaning and maintenance routine for your home. Although the current pace of life is very high, you should not neglect these habits, otherwise, you will accumulate a lot of dust inside the home. You should be more attentive to cleaning during the summer months, as the house is more open and more dust particles tend to enter.

Author: James Vargas

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