How to freeze carrots

How to freeze carrots

How to freeze carrots correctly. Having frozen vegetables are always a good option for two important reasons. The first and most relevant is because by freezing the vegetables that we have not cooked during the week we avoid throwing anything away. The second reason is a matter of being practical and always having everything in the freezer. Since in this way whenever we want to cook something we have everything at hand.

Having frozen carrots is always good because at any given time you can make a carrot cream, a garden veal, a Spanish sauce, or any other preparation in which they are present, and if we already have them ready to use we do not even have to cut them. You must bear in mind that once the carrots are frozen they cannot be used raw. Having said that, we are going to see how we can freeze carrots in the correct way.

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How to freeze carrots correctlyHow to freeze carrots

First of all, we are going to thoroughly wash the carrots. Next, we are going to dry them very well. It is important to make sure that they are completely dry.

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The next thing we are going to do is peel the carrots. If they have any part that is damaged, we remove it. Remember that when it comes to freezing vegetables it is important that they are in optimal conditions of conservation.

Next, we are going to cut them in the most practical way for us. At home, we cut them into slices because that is how we use them the most, but they can be cut into cubes, sticks, or however you use them.

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Then we are going to place the carrots already cut on kitchen paper and we are going to dry them removing all the moisture that is possible.

Now we just need a freezer bag. I use zip lock bags. Since these allow me to vacuum pack without a machine and they are more practical for me.

We must ensure that the carrots are separated to prevent globs from forming. In this way, it will be easier to defrost the amount we need and no ice will form.

Now we just have to take them to the freezer and deposit them so that the bag is completely flat, again to prevent the carrots from jamming. We let them freeze and we already have carrots ready to use at any time.

It is important to label the bag with the packaging date and consume them within three months. Now you know how to freeze carrots.

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