Combining functionality with form in shelving

Shelves are extremely functional, but they can also look good. Whether you prefer a crafted effect or something more stripped back and industrial looking, there are plenty of options available.

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Shelving also has other uses, such as dividing the space in a room. It can do this in a way that is attractive and delivers a storage solution at the same time.

Consider your options

When thinking about shelving, you may first want to contemplate whether the shelving needs to be built in or whether you want independent units. The built-in option can be attractive, but it obviously stays behind if you move home at a later date. Independent shelving solutions give you greater flexibility and are an investment that you can take with you wherever you go. If you need some inspiration for the kind of shelving units available, the Telegraph has some interesting examples.

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To the top

Whether built in or independent, shelves can reach from the floor to the ceiling. This has a certain theatrical impact, with the history of ceiling height shelving going all the way back to the Georgian era. These have great versatility, as cupboards and even desks can be part of the design at the bottom of the shelving units. Height is a key issue here, as anything higher than 180cm from the floor will be difficult to reach for most people. If you are incorporating a desk, it will need to be at a height that is suitable for people to sit at. On the other hand, standing desks are becoming more popular, so you could always build in one of these, bearing in mind the height of the people who will be using it.

Industrial shelving can be a handsome and practical option, especially if you want a pared-back, contemporary look. If you feel inspired to learn more about shelving, contact a reputable supplier such as Garage Shelving for advice and guidance. This could really help with extra storage needs.

Shelving can be more imaginative than most people ever thought. Pick your own shelving to cater to your lifestyle and you can have fittings for your home that are not only incredibly practical and give you great storage options but also cater to a range of other activities and functions at the same time so why not try options like .

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