Do Team Sports Still Have a Place in Our School Curriculum?

Most people of a certain age will remember taking part in a wide range of competitive team sports during their school days, including football, hockey, rugby and netball. These days, there is a general feeling in some quarters that competitive sports are somewhat outdated and no longer have a place in schools. But whether or not your memories of team sports are happy ones, participation has been found to bring a whole range of long term benefits.

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According to the BBC, taking part in regular exercise from a young age can lay the foundations for lifelong improvements in health. Sport will help you to lose weight and enjoy better health and a more efficient body. The benefits of working together as a team and all wearing the same Football Kits, such as the ones you can find at are also incredibly positive, and teach young children how to work together as one unit in order to win their matches.

How Relevant are Team Sports Today?

According to the Daily Mail, team sports still have a very important role to play in our schools. Taking part regularly in organised sports in schools can actually bestow academic benefits for years to come. Even at the tender age of ten, children who had participated in sports throughout primary school already had higher levels of attainment. The sense of belonging that children get from being a member of a team can help children to focus better during classroom activities and to follow instructions. Parents also reported that behaviour at home was much improved.

How a Coach Can Keep Things Interesting

Your role as a coach is one of great responsibilities, as often you will be seen as a role model by the young players in your team. It can be very satisfying to feel that you have helped your team members to take on board some great qualities which will stand them in good stead as they enter into adult life. One challenge that you may face is how to keep things fresh and interesting, so that you can keep your players focussed and on the right track. If your team is simply undertaking the same tired old training regime over and over again, they may start to lose interest and motivation.

In conclusion, although team sports may be viewed by some as outmoded, we can see that there are undeniable benefits to be had from taking part.

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