Facts about working as a solicitor

Working as a solicitor is an incredibly varied role with a number of different areas of law available for you to work in whether this is in family law, commercial law or as an in house legal expert at a large company or maybe even a government body. Gloucester Solicitors will help their clients with a number of subjects including matrimonial issues and divroce, conveyancing, employment law and representing their clients in legal cases.

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Here in the UK we have one of the oldest law bodies across the whole world and many of the laws and traditions that it follows receive back centuries and centuries. Here are some facts about the world of working as a solicitor.

  • Is a solicitor and barrister the same thing? – No, a solicitor deals with clients directly on a number of legal matters and a barrister deals with cases that are referred to them by solicitors. They will stand in court and deal with cases on behalf of a client.

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  • Over half of those students looking to study law come from abroad. Overseas students account for 58% of applicants applying to study law in the UK. The number of applicants who are accepted onto the courses increases to 72%.
  • Not everyone who studies law has a desire to work as a solicitor. Some individuals will study law if they are looking to work in a HR role or even to work in a significant role that sees them doing business with others in the UK. Those looking to work in local government may also look to undertake a law degree.

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