How Are Copper Pipes Made?

Copper piping is not made from the same process that plastic or metal pipes are made from. There are three different processes that go into making copper pipes: soldering, oxyacetylene welding, and the laying on of the pipe joint. It also depends on what kind of metals and the other elements that will be put into the pipe. The other factors would be the thickness of the pipe as well as the pressure. If there are going to be high pressures, then you will need to make sure that the pipe joint is as strong as it can be. Laying on the pipe fittings is the most difficult part in making these pipes as it requires a lot of experience and skill.

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You will find a lot of applications where copper pipes are used. They are used in water lines, gas pipelines, and even the cold water supply lines. In some countries, they are used for burial purposes since they are resistant to fire and also have the capability to resist high temperatures. They are resistant to corrosion, erosion, shrinkage, and warping which make it one of the most useful and versatile materials when it comes to pipes and pipelines. For Copper Pipe Connectors, visit Watkins and Powis

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However, copper has a higher resistance to electricity and thus is not recommended for use in areas with high electrical loads. Copper is very pliable and can be easily moulded. There are some types of copper that are coated with lead so that it does not corrode.


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