Laying down the right carpet can improve the room.

When we think about decorating a room the first thing that the eye is drawn to is usually the walls. A new coat of paint or wallpaper seems to be the first port of call. Why should this be the case? It may be a more expensive option but looking at the thing under your feet might be a better first port of call. At least you’ll have something longer lasting. Choosing a carpet is a difficult task so let’s look at what kind of colour you can use to match the décor that you have now.  One thing that you don’t need to be worried about is if it gets dirty. You just need to call someone like Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company at and it will be as good as new.

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Colour is a difficult thing to match as there are so many shades and hues that you can choose from. There are three primary colours that are the basis for all colours. These are Red, Yellow and Blue. It is rare that we get to have a carpet from just one of these as most colour choices will be blend. You have to have these primary colours as if you mix them you will get Green, Purple and Orange. The shades that are available come from a variation of all these colours. The two neutrals White and Black are added to reduce the colour to a lighter or darker shade.

Colour types can give the room an aspect and as the carpet is one of the most noticeable parts then it is going to have a dramatic effect on whomever enters the room. For example, consider the red carpet at an awards ceremony. It screams regal and impact, but it is very intense. Try to image a room of it. It also suggests danger and fire so is this what you really want in a living room every day? The same could be said about blue. Blue is calming but it is also cold and has a quality of the sea. Fine, if you’re going for nautical theme perhaps. Purple is a more leftfield choice, but it does have the sense of warmth and a spirituality. It’s a strong colour but it is calming.

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The best thing to do is invest in some swatches and see what they look like before your commit to one particular colour.

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