The unfortunate subject that none of us want to discuss

In the young adult novel “The Book Thief” the first chapter is very blunt. It features a direct comment from the narrator of the tale. “You are going to die”. The narrator is Death, and he actually has a chat with the main character Liesel at the end of the book on a park bench in Australia. The late author Terry Pratchett often features Death, a seven foot skeleton with a scythe, as a character even featuring 3 of his most popular books on him, Mort, Reaper Man and Soul Music. The Victorians were more than happy to discuss Death but the subject of the physical pleasures of life were completely taboo (a complete reversal of how we are today).

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We can’t ignore the fact it’s going to happen and it is best to be prepared for it. The trouble is we don’t have any ideas as to when it is going to happen. It can be hard to live with that uncertainty but there is one way we can mitigate it to a certain degree.  You can get a will for a start. A Will writing service Cheltenham based company like

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It doesn’t matter that if you have nothing really to give, as you live your life you will accrue things. This is a way to have everything laid down in law so that the people you love get what you want them to have be it money, property or personal items. If you don’t do it the Government will, after a year, and we all know how competent they are.

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