Top tips for disguising ugly radiators

Radiators, as a standard feature in most houses, are given little thought when it comes to incorporating them in an attractive manner. Most people overlook them entirely and only come across them when deciding upon the layout of a room, at which point they become less of a feature and more of an obstruction.

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It doesn’t have to be this way! Radiators, when given a little thought, can easily be made to blend in with the style of a room. Here are some tips:

1. Redecorate your radiator

Radiators do not need to be boring. By painting your radiator an accent colour, you can bring a bit of life into an otherwise standard room. In doing so, you can effectively make a statement out of it; for example, if you have blue walls, why not go a little wild and paint the radiator a complementary shade of yellow – or any other bright colour – to really bring it out?

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2. Rearrange the furniture

Does the current layout of your room work with the radiator? If you can’t transform the radiator, why not try a layout that will draw less attention to it? As an example, you could move some furniture so that it is at an angle to the radiator. This will draw the eye away without blocking any of the heat.

If you have a little more leeway and cash to spare, you could replace your radiator altogether. Contrary to popular opinion, they don’t all look the same and you could find a style that works better for you.

3. Find a new radiator to fit your style

You don’t have to have a standard box-shaped white radiator; in fact, there are many styles and shapes. From slimline to column radiators, you will find a huge range available from specialists such as

4. Camouflage your radiator

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a new radiator, there are some cost-effective covers available that can transform the entire look and feel.

5. Multi-purpose your radiator

Finally, why not make use of your radiator rather than having it just sit there? One popular multi-purpose is as a towel rail in a bathroom, although you can also use it as a shelf or bench – but be careful what you put on it!


Author: Richard Brown

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