Top tips for newbie netballers

Are you completely new to netball? Or have you rekindled the passion for your favourite high school sports, but feel like you need to revisit some useful how to’s? Here are some great tips that will ensure you’re ready for this exciting team sport.

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Ensure you’re fit enough

As the game can be incredibly fast paced, good fitness is a must. Balance, stability and core exercises will assist in performance and help prevent injuries. Sprinting can help with leg strength and speed. Running in general is brilliant for stamina and can ensure that you will keep up strength and endurance throughout the match. Don’t worry if there’s room for improvement, your fitness will improve quickly with consistent practice.

Make sure you have the right kit

Although netball is non-contact, as explained here at, it can be high impact on joints within the ankles and knees, so good trainers that are supportive and have a strong sole are vital, paired with padded or double layered socks to prevent blisters. Furthermore, ankle and knee strapping can be worn to prevent joint injury, if necessary. Landing from height can cause injury if not adequately prepared. Ensure no jewellery is worn, hair is tied back, and nails are short.

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Warm up

It’s important you warm up well before playing to prevent injuries and improve performance. Warm ups can include stretching, sprinting, shuttle runs and jogging.


Practice is vital for improving ability and fitness. This can vary from practising alone, against a wall, and jogging, swimming or cycling for endurance, or practicing passing with a friend. Watch professionals and read match write-ups. When practicing with others, watching others play can give insights into how to move and the tactics used, as well as practicing different styles and positions to see what works.

A great way to improve once you’ve got the hang of the basics is to look at different netball training drills and patterns of play on the court. A good way to do this is to research online, on websites such as Speak to your coach about where your team needs to improve, and then find training videos to help.

Most importantly though, the best tip you can receive is to give it your best, make good friends as well as teammates, and don’t forget to have fun!

Author: Richard Brown

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