You can have the perfect beach wedding even here in the UK

Many couples long for a beach wedding but sometimes the logistical planning of getting all of your family and friends across to a beach location can be too much to organise and can also push the price of your wedding up considerably. But did you know that you can have a beach wedding here in the UK?

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You can find purpose-built tents located on Bournemouth beach  that can give you all of the beauty, luxury and feel of a beach wedding anywhere else. They can help to plan every element of your wedding, all you need to worry about is looking for a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer like to capture your memories of the day and with the wonderful summer weather we have been having you could be making the most of that beach venue well into the evening.

There are some things that you may want to consider when looking at a beach venue:

Consider the time of your wedding and the weather. You may want to consider having the guests dress in more casual attire and perhaps having the men in the wedding party dressed in linen clothes rather than the traditional morning suit that may be a tad too warm during the 30-degree summer sun over lunch time. Equally when choose shoes for the bridal party it is worth considering that you are going to be walking on sand and even if you have a carpet laid down as flooring you will find that high heels will slip into the sand.

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You can really embrace the beach and the sea during your wedding and have a BBQ themed wedding reception or evening do or perhaps traditional fish and chips by the sea. The catering options are almost endless, and marquees can be erected to ensure that both your wedding ceremony is legal and also so that you can enjoy the best of the beach for your entire day. Evening receptions complete with entertainment and a disco can also be catered for although these may take place on the land area next to the beach so as not to fall foul of the incoming tide.

Watching the sunset in the evening as a newly married couple, looking out over a beautiful shoreline is one picture that you will want to make sure that your wedding photographer takes.

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