Ultimate MI cloud guide first to last (Know as Xaiomi Cloud)

mi cloud guide

Today we bring you a very interesting guide that many users of Xiaomi do not know. We speak of MI cloud guide, the cloud of Xiaomi that helps us to preserve all our data and files safely. MI Cloud is an online platform that stores our data on servers hosted in other countries. It benefits us a lot because if something happens to us with our mobile. We can always recover the files and information of our apps with just a few mouse clicks.

When we receive our smartphone and make the first turn on we see some configuration screens where we are invited to create our account with MI Cloud. Many people skip this part of the configuration and never set it up again. If you are one of those people to read this guide carefully to make the first configuration of MI Cloud. You can also make a backup if you have an iPhone.

MI cloud guide

mi cloud guide

The first thing you have to do if you have not already done so is register in the MI Cloud application, this app is installed in our smartphone factory. The registration is very simple if we do not have an account, it would be like that of any application that you have to register. If you have an account in MI Home or another Xiaomi platform, it will automatically login you. Once we have registered in the application, we will have an interface similar to the one you see on the screen.

MI Cloud backup

In this menu, we can choose which files are the ones that we want to select that Xiaomi makes backup copies. In MI case, I have marked all the options, and it seems right to preserve all the files hosted on MI MI Note 2.

In each of these sections if we enter we will have several options to activate if we want MI Cloud to synchronize all the sections correctly and with all the files we have. This part is very important because if it is not done correctly, I could synchronize the files in half and not all of them.

MI Cloud backup

Now that we know the files that MI Cloud is going to synchronize, we must enter the first section of Locate device, and activate the tracking options. This will allow us if we lose our mobile or we steal it we can find it through GPS positioning. We also have this option with Google and our email account associated with the Play Store.

The next step will be to perform the configuration of the system backup. This will allow us if we make some modification of ROM or something goes wrong with an update of any app we can return to our previous state.

We can program the time with which the MI Cloud app will make this dump of information on the servers of Xiaomi. And also in this section, we will be able to load the backup in case it was necessary to us before problems. In this way, we can return to the point where our smartphone contains no errors or faults.


MI Cloud storage

Another great virtue of having configured the MI Cloud app is to be able to recover deleted photos, notes, contacts, and messages. We can do this when we have configured MI Cloud and have spent some time with the backup copies made. Xiaomi with MI Cloud gives us 5GB free which we can always use, empty and transfer the files to our computer. If we need to hire more space is possible by paying a quarterly, semi-annual or annual fee. Payment is made in the currency. We transfer of money through Paypal, we can renew it automatically so that the payment is made when the due date expires. The price is lower than other proposals from other companies in the cloud sector.

Currently, I have 25GB of memory in the cloud of MI Cloud of Xiaomi thanks to a free promotion that the Chinese company made almost a year ago in which many users were awarded this extra space. It is important to emphasize that the auto-renewal option was active, but not having a credit account to MI Cloud would not make the payment of the service to be renewed.


Now to finish the configuration from our terminal. You must go to Settings- Additional settings and go to the Backup section. Here we must finish configuring the backup service so that all our files are safe and backed up.

In this section we can make a security copy locally, this means that the backup this time instead of being uploaded to the Xiaomi server this time would be stored on our smartphone. This option can be done if we have enough memory in our terminal.

In this case of having problems, errors or a bug that prevents us from using our mobile phone normally, we can restore the phone from a backup or restore it from the factory. This last means that everything that has not been synchronized with the cloud or extracted from our mobile will be eliminated and the terminal would be again the same as the first time you purchased it.

Finally, we will discuss the last point with which MI Cloud reinforces the use of the application and adjustments we have made. MI Cloud is a multi-system platform means that several mobile and computer systems support it. The application is for Apple, Android and web version.

mi cloud website

Web version

Now let’s talk about the web part, which is the most important since it complements the App version. To access this panel, we must log in with our MI Cloud account. Once we access this panel, we can access all the information that we have synchronized with the backup copies we have made from our mobile device.

Here we can download all our contacts, photos, messages, recordings and locate our terminal or all those associated with our MI Cloud account. Downloading the images is a real joy through our web browser, they are downloaded as a file, and we can select only the files that we want to download, delete or preserve. It is the most useful function.

The function of location by GPS works very well, even if we do not find it at home we can make our mobile emit a sound and so we can find it. The remote lock function of the terminal also works very well and is very useful in case of loss or theft of the mobile terminal.

As you can see MI Cloud is really useful, so follow all the steps and do not forget that your information is very valuable. Therefore, the best thing is an information manager in the cloud such as MI Cloud, one of the best file managers in the network. We hope you have been very useful this tutorial and Guide. Now share among your family and friends if they also have a Xiaomi brand device.

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