Where to stay in Lisbon

Where to stay in Lisbon

There are several areas that concentrate the hotels in Lisbon. In this article, we want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and which are the best areas to find accommodation in Lisbon.

Many of the low-priced pensions and hostels in Lisbon are concentrated in the Baixa area and its surroundings. Obviously, their prices are quite low, but the buildings are usually old and poorly conditioned and some part of the Baixa -generally behind the Rossio Square- has a certain marginal air.

Most of the hotels in Lisbon of the upper-middle and medium category are concentrated around the main north-south axis of the modern center that runs from the Plaza de Restauradores -and that begins in Avenida da República- to Campo Grande and in some others northern areas of the city. They are quiet, pleasant, and very safe areas.

Hotels in Avenida da LiberdadeWhere to stay in Lisbon

We can distinguish several zones. On Avenida da Liberdade -the area that goes from Restauradores Square to Marqués de Pombal- we find numerous four and five-star hotels. It is a stately area, with large shops and theaters. It has the advantage that it is very close to the historic center of Lisbon – which is very good for tourists – and in a very pleasant area. The worst are the problems to park in the area.

There are four-star hotels that, from time to time, have good offers (such as the NH Liberdade -with an outdoor swimming pool-), but the usual thing is to find luxury and high-price establishments such as the Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade or the ideal romantic  Fontecruz Lisboa for couples getaways.

Hotels in the areas of Saldanha and Marqués de PombalWhere to stay in Lisbon

At the end of Avenida da Liberdade, we find the Plaza del Marqués de Pombal and, if we continue further north, with that of Saldanha. They are key areas in the modern center of Lisbon and in their vicinity there are usually quite a few three and four-star hotels with very good value for money.

The good thing about this area is that it is quiet, it is not too far from the center (we can walk to the Baixa in a walk and to return at night from the Barrio Alto it will not take us more than ten minutes by taxi), it is well connected By public transport for excursions and finding parking is not too difficult. The least good thing is that it is a fairly residential area and there may not be much tourist atmosphere or places to dine at night (although there is a lot of life during the day with shops, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets very close).

For me, it is one of the best value for money to find hotels in Lisbon. The HF Fenix ​​Lisboa is located in a fantastic location, in the Plaza del Marqués de Pombal itself. The four-star Hotel Real Parque, very close to Parque Eduardo VII in a very quiet area, usually has very convenient specific offers. The modern Alif Avenidas is also an interesting option, very close to the Saldanha square.

Hotels in Campo Pequeno, Plaza de España and EntrecamposWhere to stay in Lisbon

They are hotels designed mainly for work stays, but which also serve us perfectly as a base for a tourist trip to Lisbon. What’s more, given that business trips to Lisbon are not usually extended on weekends, they can offer us quite attractive prices on this type of short breaks to Lisbon.

The best thing about these areas is that they are quiet, safe, the buildings are usually modern and quite well equipped. It is an area that is also well connected to the airport by public transport. And it would not take us long to arrive by taxi. It is a residential and business area and there are usually not too many parking problems. The worst thing is that at night it is a bit stopped and that to go to the tourist area we will need to use public transport, but we are very well connected to the historic center both by metro and by bus.

In the area, one of the Holiday Inns in Lisbon ( Continental Holiday Inn ), the 3K Barcelona, and the NH Campo Grande  (interesting the specific offers of this hotel), all of them four stars. Very interesting if we are looking for high-quality hotels at a low price for the weekends.

Campolide HotelsWhere to stay in Lisbon

Campolide is an area located to the northwest of Lisbon, near the University, and in which several four and five-star hotels of very good quality have been established. It is a strange area since it is not touristy at all. It is a bit isolated from the residential part of the city. And its communications are not the best, but it has its advantages.

The best thing about the Campolide area is that you can find four and five-star hotels in Lisbon for excellent prices. If you go by car, you will have no problems parking in the area and if you have to move around Portugal you will have an easy exit from Lisbon. The worst thing is that it is very far from the historic center of the city, in an area with little residential and commercial life and not particularly well connected. We may be interested in staying in this area if we are looking for excellent hotels for little money and our idea is to return only at the end of a long day of sightseeing.

Among the hotels in this area, we can highlight the Novotel Lisboa and the Mercure Hotel – both four stars – and the Corinthia Hotel, five. Be sure to check their prices. Maybe you can find a very high-end hotel for little money.

Hotels in Parque das NacoesWhere to stay in Lisbon

In the Parque das Nacoes area there is also an important offer of high-quality hotels. It is very practical for those who have to go to a trade fair -since the Lisbon Fair is located in the area- and it is a very comfortable and modern area, although my personal impression is that staying there does not feel as if you were in the heart of Lisbon.

The best thing about these hotels is the setting, in a modern neighborhood; some of them even with views of the river and the Vasco de Gama Bridge. It is very well connected, next to Oriente station and three metro stops from the airport. There are shopping centers in the area and an area of ​​bars and restaurants by the river where it is easy to find places to dine at night. The worst thing is that it is very far from the historic center of Lisbon. And that the architecture of the area has little to do with the essence of the city.

Interesting in this area are the Olissippo Oriente and Tívoli Oriente (both in the station area) and – although it is one of the most expensive hotels in Lisbon – the impressive five-star Myriad by Sana, located right on the shore from the river.

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