Ghost makeup for kids Halloween: here’s how it’s possible to do it

Ghost makeup

Ghost makeup for kids Halloween? Here’s how it can be done!

Making your child happy for the Halloween party is a must: you can do it with a perfect and at the same time simple disguise, without spending a fortune you can.

Here are some tips to create one of the most requested and “quiet” disguises to create: ghost make-up.

Halloween night is not only sweets and jokes, but it also means transforming our children for a night into vampires, zombies or witches, ghosts, and you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune, just keep in mind some simple tricks.

Halloween makeup for children

Mom and Dad, for your would-be Halloween ghosts, you must first take into account that children’s skin is much more delicate than that of adults.

There are cosmetic brands that produce some precise products to make up the little ones, and thus create little descendants of Dracula, zombies, or, as in our case, a ghost!

A few makeup products can be enough, even those that every woman keeps in her cosmetic bag in the bathroom.

The important thing is that they are quality products, hypoallergenic or organic.

For cosmetics intended for the eyes, for children, you must always use new products because the baby’s eyes are delicate and could be transmitted through the cosmetics already used.

You must always pay attention to the expiration date or to the possible presence of nickel or lead: therefore maximum care because they are substances already harmful to the skin of adults, let alone that of children.

So, pay close attention to the ingredients before starting to make up.

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If, on the other hand, you want to achieve more professional results, there are also specific cosmetics: watercolors, for example, water-soluble makeups that can be applied with a brush or a wet sponge, in other words, those used by the make-up artists of the films.

There are also colored pencils for the body, which can even be found in the most well-stocked stationeries, or in toy stores.

The important thing is that, as an essential ingredient for a good result, use your imagination! But for first-time parents here are our practical tips for perfect Halloween makeup costumes for kids.

Child ghost makeup

Here’s what you need:

The ghost makeup for children must be done in a fairly simple way and therefore it is not among the most difficult tricks to make!

The result will then be nice and pleasant for him/her, the protagonist, and for those who watch it.

Let your little one be a ghost for a night: for Halloween night 2020, with this super simple (and spooky) face paint.

What you will need

  • Whiteface paint
  • Green face paint
  • Black face paint
  • A make-up or face brush

Step 1

Use a brush and white face paint to carefully outline the shape of the ghost. Then fill in every part of the face, avoiding the lips and eyes.

Step 2

Take the green face paint and use the tip of the brush to blend the eye contour.

Step 3

Use the brush to outline the eyes with black for the face. Add eyebrows, nose and mouth and your little demon is ready for trick and treat!

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