Is collision damage waiver worth the cost?

When renting a car, you are likely to be offered the chance to add optional coverage known as collision damage waiver, which will cover any possible damage to the rental car. Whether it’s worth paying for this depends on your credit card coverage and car insurance.

This article may be helpful when deciding whether to take up this option:

Reasons to take out collision damage waiver

Collision damage waiver covers repair bills if an accident occurs or the vehicle is stolen. It can be a good choice in certain cases, such as when you don’t already have insurance through a third-party company or a credit card that can be used to pay for the car with its rental car coverage.

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It may also be helpful if you want extra peace of mind in knowing you won’t be responsible for paying for any damages or want to avoid the difficulties of finding coverage gaps in your own car insurance.

If you have the necessary insurance but don’t want to deal with the possible risk of the rates going up due to an accident with your rental car, buying collision damage waiver may be worthwhile. It can also be useful if you don’t want to use your own funds to pay for repairs.

Other options

If collision damage waiver isn’t something you want, you can look into alternative options such as car hire excess insurance. Companies such as can prove useful when doing so.

Rental companies usually offer collision damage waivers when you make a booking online and when you go to pick up the car. When you have collision damage waiver, the company can’t charge you for any damage to the car unless you were racing, speeding, or driving under the influence.

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The average cost of collision damage waiver is around £25 a day, which will add up depending on how long you rent the car. It is not unusual for rental companies to be persistent when offering this insurance due to the profit they can make from it.

Author: Niru Taylor

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