Chain necklace, it is in trend

Chain necklace

What better than a necklace can embellish the neck and give new light to the face?

The must of this new season is the chain necklaces, loved and sported by all the stars. They have been re-proposed in various sweaters of different sizes also on the red carpet and on the catwalk.

Just decline them with the right outfit to transform the chain necklace from a simple and minimal accessory into a real star of the look.

It should also be noted that one of the most popular versions is the gold one which certainly does not go unnoticed. But we don’t mind the version in rose gold or white gold, much more discreet but just as special and unique.

The chain necklace: perfect combinations

Not only chain necklaces but also rings, bracelets, and earrings. Showing off the entire set is a bit too excessive so to avoid falling into too much it is important to dose the accessory in the right way.

The bracelet for example can be always worn as a necklace if not too conspicuous and with minimal mesh and of contained dimensions.

There is no shortage of customizations, in fact, the necklaces are embellished with special charms with the initial or with a photo holder pendant a little 80s or even with precious pearls, which together with the chain are another of the must-haves of the moment.

Necklaces for a bold look

Apparently minimal but in reality very decisive, chain necklaces are the bijoux to wear for a look that lacks a bit of character, in fact, they bring out a unique grit that can be seen immediately.

Perfect both on turtlenecks in various shades but also on shirts with a pronounced neckline.

Wearing them is really simple, they look good with everything and on everything.

Just look at the most beautiful photos of the influencers on Instagram to understand how it is possible to combine them with simplicity without too many problems.

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Maxi necklaces

Since always, maxi necklaces are the best accessory to show off special events. It is a bijoux that does not go unnoticed and that is of unique elegance.

The maxi chain necklace shines in a truly unique way whether with a black dress or with any other color. The maxi necklace is the accessory of the moment, you can buy both small low-cost jewels and very precious and effective gold versions, the timeless allure allows you to always exploit them.

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