Types of ice cream

What could be more desirable during the summer months than taking a walk while having delicious ice cream? This universal dessert conquers people of all ages thanks to its great versatility. There are those who prefer ice-based ice cream with fruit flavors, those who are classics and want a very tall and creamy waffle ice cream, and even some more extreme ones who want great dessert recipes with fried, shaken or wrapped ice cream. The world of ice cream, as you can see, goes far beyond the two-scoop cone, and, throughout the world, each gastronomy has been playing with its most traditional recipes.

That is why, if you are an ice cream fan, in this article we are going to review the main types of ice cream, classifying them according to their main ingredient or their texture, so that you can find your favorite more easily.

Milk ice cream

Milk ice creams are, as their name suggests, those made from animal milk. This makes them have a dense and moldable texture and, in addition to allowing all kinds of ingredients or flavors, it is also ideal for trying more experimental recipes like the three that we are going to detail.

Ice cream spaghetti

Within confectionery, one always seeks to play with shapes and appearances, and this ice cream is the best example. It is an ice cream made from milk that, with the help of a strainer, gradually acquires an elongated shape, similar to that of spaghetti. You can choose any light-colored flavor such as vanilla, nougat, or lemon. Typically, this colorful ice cream recipe is garnished with strawberry syrup to make it look like tomato sauce.

Ice cream souffle

Ice cream souffle is a somewhat complicated recipe, but the result is delicious and it is perfect to make with milk ice cream since it is much more manageable. It consists of making a souffle with a spongy consistency but treating it cold, in such a way that the interior is a light and creamy ice cream. It works very well with chocolate although, you know, to taste the colors.

Roll ice cream

This type of ice cream has gone viral in recent years and is a perfect modality to make with milk ice cream since it meets the perfect conditions to shape it and not melt so easily. It is about making milk ice cream with a slightly denser texture than normal ice cream, spreading the mixture in a very thin layer, and, with the help of a frozen spatula, scraping the ice cream until it is in the shape of a roll.

Creamy ice cream

Creamy ice creams are the result of mixing milk ice cream with cream, resulting in a much creamier and tastier type of ice cream. It is certainly not an ice cream alternative that should be abused, since it is one of the ice creams that contains the most fat. But it is one of the most versatile when it comes to making delicious desserts, such as those detailed below.

Frozen cheesecake

The American-style cheesecake is one of the most popular. That is why the frozen version has been created from creamy ice cream. The flavor and ingredients are the same, but instead of having a thick layer of cream cheese holding the syrup and the cookie, frozen creamy ice cream is used, which makes it more solid and consistent.

Semifreddo ice cream

As you can imagine, the Italians are one of the masters of ice cream and that is why they have been able to create all kinds of combinations, such as semifreddo ice cream. This type of ice cream simply consists of mixing the ice cream with a proportion of whipped cream and then freezing it again. The result is a much creamier ice cream, which can be eaten, as the name says, at room temperature without melting.

Fried ice-cream

Continuing with the experimentation, another of the most curious ice creams that can accept this creamy modality is fried ice cream. It seems unthinkable that a food that depends on cold could be fried, but the reality is that it is possible and the result is delicious. You just have to coat the well-frozen ice cream in egg, flour, and breadcrumbs and, with very hot oil, immerse it for a few seconds. You will have a crunchy layer and creamy ice cream inside.

For those who like ice cream, but lighter and with fresher flavors, the ideal is water-based ice creams. This type of ice cream is made with ice and the flavor is given by the juice, flavoring, or pulp that is desired. They are ice creams that have hardly any fat and are much easier to make. These are some of the most popular.


This type of ice cream is very popular throughout the Asian zone and is usually sold on the street. It consists of creating frozen balls based on shaved ice and, when it is compact, adding syrups or syrups on top that give it the flavors that you like the most and their toppings.

Italian water ice

Just as the Italians make one of the richest creamy ice creams in the world, they also have their water-based modality. These ice creams have a creamier texture than milk ice creams, but are perfect for natural fruit-based flavors and have a lighter texture, such as sherbet.

Creamy fruit palette

There is a mixed modality of ice cream that mixes the freshness and light of a lolly or ice cream but with a creamy interior. Normally, this type of ice cream is filled with some light yogurt cream and, on the outside, it has a frozen coating with some fruit flavor.

Skimmed ice cream

Ice creams are liked by almost everyone. However, there are people who, for whatever reason, must take care of their diet and that is why a type of ice cream based on skimmed milk or yogurt or even lactose-free has been designed to make it much more accessible.

Galaxy ice cream

Galaxy ice cream mainly refers to the appearance of ice cream, but the particularity is that, most of the time, it is made from skimmed yogurt, which makes it much healthier. It is about adding brightly colored colorings and syrups to form extravagant and eye-catching scoops of skimmed ice cream.

Low-calorie ice cream

Every good recipe always has a light version and in the case of ice cream, there is also a low-calorie version. Normally, these ice creams tend to have a creamy consistency, but thanks to the fact that they are sugar-free, with skimmed milk and natural ingredients, they have a much lower proportion of fat than normal ice creams.

Desserts with ice cream

To finish this list, there is one of the modalities that have become for many the best way to end a good meal; desserts with ice cream. There are many types for all tastes, but here we are going to leave you the four most popular.


This popular Italian recipe is one of the most requested desserts in the country and consists of filling the interior of tubes or cones of dough with ice cream and cream. The result is a crunchy, almond biscuit shell with a fresh, sweet interior.

Japanese mochi

Thanks to globalization, we have been able to get to know the desserts and flavors of the world and that is why mochis are increasingly present. It is about rice dough balls filled with creamy ice cream. There are many flavors and they have a very curious texture, since when chewed it seems chewy, but inside there is all the concentrated and sweet flavor.

Ice cream sandwich

A classic for summer days and one of the easiest desserts to make. It is about choosing two surfaces of dough, which can be a waffle, biscuit, or wafer, and placing a portion of ice cream between them as a sandwich or sandwich. It’s a convenient way to eat ice cream and give it a crunch.

Brownie with ice cream

Another of the classics among desserts, directly brought from the US is the brownie with vanilla ice cream. Ideally, this delicious brownie should be served freshly made so that it is still warm and contrasts with the creamy scoop of ice cream.

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