Innovative, Flame Retardant, Downlight Covers

The popularity of modern Down Lighting for many homes has grown exponentially over the last few years.  From quintessential, English Country Cottages to new build, two-up, two-down, town homes and from impressive Country Estates to more modest apartments, the appeal of this particular lighting choice has really “Hit the Roof!” Especially in properties where attics and loft spaces are utilised, Downlights are particularly popular.  For safety and efficiency purposes, whenever Downlights are fitted into an attic or loft space they should ALWAYS come with their innovative, flame-retardant Downlight Covers.  When purchased from a reputable, experienced, professional such as, you are guaranteed a top-quality product that will help prevent a potentially lethal fire as well as help improve air circulation and cut down on the infestation of creepy crawlies.

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Most Households in the United Kingdom are trying to do their best to reduce Energy Consumption, having the innovative Downlight Covers fitted over the modern downlights achieves this goal as well as helping with heating, insulation and airtightness and therefore reducing overall Household costs.

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Being constructed with an innovative, flame-retardant material these revolutionary covers are approved by reputable, experienced builders and lighting contractors and exceed the stringent safety tests that are dictated by the Building Industry.  Simple and easy to fit, these covers are practical and affordable, even a DIY novice can easily fit them!  For such a small investment, these covers can literally help save lives as well as energy.

Author: Niru Taylor

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