An Innovative Sim Card that provides added security for Lone Workers

When working alone or in remote areas of the Country you need and rightly expect your employer to provide you with as much security and safety as possible.  One simple, cost-effective, technological way to do that is to have a Multi Network Sim installed into your mobile phone.  Being a Lone Worker, possibly in a remote area, it is of paramount importance that you can obtain a consistent signal on your mobile phone, being able to remain in touch with co-workers, colleagues, friends and of course family provides that extra level of safety and security. Being able to easily obtain one or more of these innovative devices from a professional, reputable, technology specialist such as means you are ensuring a quality product for a great price.

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To be classified as a Lone Worker means you cannot be heard or seen by a fellow colleague, for at least some part of the working day.  Some examples of Lone Workers include, Social Workers, Contractors, Security Guards, Estate Agents, Agricultural Workers, Cleaning Staff, Maintenance Workers, Individuals working from Home and HGV Drivers.  Everyone of these workers would benefit in one way or another from having a Multi Network Sim installed in their mobile phones.

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Working as a long-distance lorry driver often entails travelling the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and beyond, having a reliable phone signal helps to ensure the safety of the driver and allows them to pass on important information.

Author: Niru Taylor

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