Top skills needed by a virtual PA

Working as a virtual PA can be an excellent job for those looking to work from home. It can offer opportunities for individuals to have a well-paid, flexible role that fits into day-to-day life.
What skills are needed as a virtual PA

There are a wide range of roles that a virtual PA can undertake. It is important that anyone looking to work as a virtual PA takes the time to analyse their key skills and makes sure that these match with the roles that they are looking to undertake.

Some of the more general skills that are expected of a virtual PA would include excellent information technology skills, good communication, good organisation and a pleasant demeanour.

Practicalities of being a virtual PA

Anyone looking to get involved in working as a virtual PA should first consider some of the regulatory matters. As a self-employed individual, a virtual PA has total flexibility to take on the jobs that they want either as a series of assignments or alongside a full-time role.

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Anyone looking to become self-employed or start a business needs to make sure that they are complying with all of the regulatory requirements, such as completing a Self Assessment tax return.

Once the practicalities are dealt with, it is helpful then to get involved with an agency such as where those looking to engage a virtual PA will go to see who is available.

By working with such an agency or online platform, the virtual PA is able to gain the benefit of an established organisation which enables them to match their own skills with those of prospective clients.

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A role as a virtual PA can be varied and exciting. However, it does require good planning from the start.

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