Why you should take up crocheting

Taking up a new skill can be time-consuming, but crocheting’s repetitive nature means that it is a skill that anyone can pick up and enjoy. So if you are looking for a hobby that is convenient and versatile whilst encouraging your creativity, crocheting is for you.

Crocheting can be a great form of mindfulness or used alongside meditation. The rhythmic motions needed to create a design can allow the body to gain a sense of flow. Therefore, if you are struggling with managing depression or a lack of sleep, crocheting could be the perfect activity to lift your mood and unwind from the chaos of everyday life. It can distract you from any pain you may be experiencing too.

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If you are someone who struggles to focus on tasks with multiple steps, then this is another reason to take up crocheting. The motions needed can help keep your mind active, and as you get older prevent or delay cognitive decline. When done regularly, you can complete projects in a matter of weeks which provides a sense of accomplishment whilst encouraging day-to-day productivity.

A crafting activity like this will also improve your creative skills and ideas, which can be helpful if you struggle with self-expression. Choosing wool colours, textures and designs is a great way of personalising the items that you create. Once finished, you can either keep or give away your creations as thoughtful gifts.

Although some hobbies can be confined to certain rooms, machines or time scales, crocheting is perfect to fit around a busy lifestyle. You can take the needles and wool with you easily wherever you go, from relaxing at home, going on holiday and on public transport. It is also a relatively cheap hobby to pick up, and essentials can be bought easily online such as the company Wool Couture which sells a range of different products such as Crochet Blanket kits and beginners designs.

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Crocheting can take time to develop your skills, however joining a community group or doing it socially with friends is a great mental health benefit. Not only can you share ideas and teach each other new designs, but it can help you socialise with like-minded people and perhaps make new friends.

Finally, this is a skill that you can always work on. Once you have mastered one design then you can challenge yourself with new and more complex patterns or projects. And so, crocheting may well be the sense of purpose you were looking for…

Author: Niru Taylor

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