How to increase your website conversion rate

As we head into the thick of the Christmas shopping season, website managers must do all they can to make the path from discovery to purchase as easy and painless as possible for their customers.

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One size will not fit all for online retailers, as what works for one website does not necessarily work for the next. Think about the following four factors to help you develop a process for increasing the performance of your website and you should be converting more visitors into customers as a special Christmas present to your business.

Plan your action

Start with your key goals for your website and think about whether who you are and what they can do next will be clear to someone who lands on your site. By setting a clear focus for your site, you can plan what the most important page elements should be and test and optimise the calls to action and page content accordingly.

Keep the customer in mind

Some web managers may sometimes forget about the people they are creating the website for when they get too involved in making it work for Google. Don’t write your content for Google – write it for humans. Google has wised up to tricks of the web conversion optimisation trade that were not in people’s best interests.

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Kick into action

You could contact a Reading web design expert such as for some inspiration and expertise on how to increase the conversion rate of your website. The professionals can help you to test different calls to action on your site, perhaps with new button designs, different wording or their position on the page, so that more of the people who come to your site can find, understand and take the action you want them to.

Check out the data

Start paying more attention to the data the shoppers visiting your site give you and you will be able to spot any problems quickly. Looking at what the analytics tell you will also show you when new designs or wording start to improve your conversion rate.

Keep in mind the process of planning, focusing on people, testing your ideas and analysing what you are doing and you will soon see your website conversions increasing.

Author: Richard Brown

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