Is it difficult to learn to use the babywearing?

The babywearing is not a baby carrier of immediate use: it requires some time and dedication to “take the hand”, both to learn the techniques and to make the binding itself.

I know many mothers who have led with the babywearing without difficulty in total autonomy. Once the technique is learned and a little confidence is taken, using the babywearing becomes simple, immediate and intuitive. In addition to being so comfortable, you will never be able to do without it!

The same goes if you are in difficulty or do not feel safe: do not give up immediately!

In my courses, I always say that even when, as children, we learned to dress or tie strings; it seemed like an impossible task. But that has now become a completely automatic thing! Exactly the same will happen with the babywearing. The more you “wear”, the more everything becomes very natural …  and I hope that your children will also come to you (just like mine) in search of cuddles saying.

I would also add bringing with the babywearing on the side and on the back; it is undoubtedly a very enriching experience, even if not obvious for everyone. Here, too, is the warning of not giving up immediately! Experiment or ask for the support of a consultant: believe me, sometimes it’s really enlightening and opens the door to a “superior” babywearing experience.

How to carry a newborn in the babywearing?

With the babywearing such as Rebozo it is possible to wear even a newborn baby immediately. The babywearing, in fact, guarantees an optimal containment and allows recreating the natural fetal position. When you wear a newborn in the wing, my typical recommendations are to take care to ensure the right support for the spine, head and legs, without straining its joints in any way.

Attention to the binding, however: to be preferred absolutely a vertical binding and strictly belly-to-belly. While it is to avoid the cradle position (lying down). This is because, in addition to not being physiological and potentially risky, it tends to compress the child’s body excessively.

How long can it be used?

With this type of babywearing you can easily carry even a child of 3 years or more! Certainly, a big child will not need the same containment and will have very different needs than those of a neonatine, but the beauty of the band is that it allows this too.

If you want to give more support, you can prefer more supportive ligatures, to better unload the weight of the child thanks to the use of multiple layers of fabric or bands with heavier weights or stronger yarns.

In any case, never use the babywearing (or any other baby carrier) to carry the children facing forward. But we have already spoken of this abundantly!

Tips for choosing a good babywearing

A good babywearing (especially for those approaching the first time) should …

  • Be made possible in 100% cotton dyed with non-toxic colors. Even better, provided with certification;
  • Be equipped with a label or a symbol that indicates half of it;
  • Have all the edges well finished and of differentiated color (a valid aid to learn bindings with greater ease);

Author: Richard Brown

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