The Wide Variety of Uses for Rubber

Rubber is a material which has an incredibly wide range of uses, and despite first being used around a thousand years ago, demand for it has increased and it is still something which is used a lot today. It has a lot of unique properties which make it great at all sorts of things and this Rubber Moulding UK based company, meadex rubber mouldings provide a wide range of materials made from rubber. So what is rubber used for? Here are just a few of the things….

Because rubber Is springy and elastic, it is great as a shock absorber. A lot of machinery uses rubber within it as a shock absorber as well as on handles.

Rubber naturally repels water so this makes it a great choice if you are making something that is non-slip – shoes with rubber soles and car tyres are made from rubber in order to make them safer and less likely to slip in wet weather conditions.

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It is also great as an insulator – neither heat nor electricity can travel through it making it perfect for tools with insulated handles – these are particularly useful to electricians or people like plumbers who can sometimes work with electrics as it prevents shock. It is also good as a pipe cover on a hot water pipe for example.

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The fact that it keeps heat in, also makes it a great material for colder areas where heat is wanted to be kept inside a house or of course for clothing protecting from the cold, where it will keep the body heat in – for example, think of a wetsuit!

Author: Richard Brown

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