What Makes Bamboo Toothbrush?

A Bamboo Toothbrush, like those from Bambooth, is a superior choice of toothbrush over traditional metal and plastic counterparts for many reasons. The primary difference between bamboo toothbrush and other toothbrushing is the material used for the handle. Bamboo toothbrushes are among the oldest forms of toothbrush. The oldest authentic bamboo toothbrush was invented in China in the early 15th century and used boar hair bristle brushes and bamboo handles. Lately, bamboo toothbrush has come to dominate the cosmetic and dental care industry due to its natural advantages over alternative materials such as plastic and metal.

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Bamboo has been proven to be a healthier choice over conventional synthetic materials. It has many natural cleaning properties that can be advantageous to our teeth compared to plastics and metals. As a result, it makes sense to switch to bamboo toothbrushes for your brushing needs. The use of plastic and metal toothbrush may cause harm to the environment; however, using eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush will not only protect our environment, but also help us do our part in becoming more eco-friendly.

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Although most people prefer the new ones with less plastic, some are still looking for the perfect brush. As a matter of fact, many people want their old toothbrush to look as good as new even when it is made of bamboo. Bamboo toothbrush with its luxurious and natural look will definitely make you appreciate your old set of bristles once again. Most of these new toothbrushes with less plastic bristles are made to resemble the bristles of an old bamboo set. Although it looks like natural bamboo, it is still made of high quality bristles.

Author: Richard Brown

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