Long brown hair range: Natural and versatile tones!

One of the most popular colors among Latinas is long brown hair, in any of its varieties. This color consists of a semi-dark base with golden tones, whose radiance is the result of a progressive discoloration.

You start with dark brown, brown, or black hair and gradually lighten it with bleach, applying different color techniques. Dare to achieve the brown of your dreams by inspiring yourself with one of the colors that we present below.

1. Light jet brown

The full chestnut tint will never go out of style.

This group includes women with dark hair who want to start the transition to light brown.

The trick is to lighten the color slowly, to prevent your hair from being damaged in the process.

2. Highlights on the bangs

Light up your hair with a few highlights on the bangs.

One of the most common techniques for lightening hair is through highlights, where multiple strands of hair are bleached in certain sections to add light.

To start the transition to light brown hair without compromise, the bangs are an ideal area.

3. Light brownish brown

Brown tint is the lightest color in the dark range.

This is one of the light brown hairstyles that the vast majority of women are looking for and some have it naturally.

Give light to this color by applying the balayage technique and painting an occasional layer of hair.

4. Brown chocolate coffee

Brown chestnut is ideal for transitioning to a red tint.

The beauty of this chestnut is the brown tones it radiates.

It is a rich and naturally bright shade. If you are looking for a new look, brown is a perfect color for those who want to be redheads.

5. Tobacco chestnut

Do not be afraid of henna, because it is wonderful.

One of the natural tones typical of women who apply henna to their hair.

Tobacco is achieved by lightening the hair with red and dark blonde tints.

6. Light brown ombre hair

With the ombre, you lighten the hair gradually.

One of the perfect color techniques to lighten your hair naturally until you reach the light brown of your choice is ombre.

As it consists of a dark part of the hair, either the roots or the ends, the amount of bleach applied is not much.

With each touch-up, the hair lightens without being a drastic change.

7. Light ocher brown

With balayage, you can mix several dyes from the same range.

This ocher’s light brown hair color is achieved with the balayage technique, that is, painting several sections of hair.

The result is a color that is even with natural lights and “as if bathed in the sun”.

8. Light cinnamon brown hair

Cinnamon hair color is one of the popular hair colors of the season.

This cinnamon shade is one of the most elegant browns out there.

As you can see, the lights are in the frame of the hair, that is, in the outer areas of the layers.

9. Rust chestnut

This color improves with every touch-up in the salon.

Another of the color terms with reference to light brown hair that will be imposed this season is rust.

It consists of degradation of three complementary colors resulting in a unique brown.

10. Golden brown

This color is achieved after touching up several highlights and mixing reddish tones with different blondes.

Your colorist will apply a neutral tint to build up striking gold.

11. Scarlet copper

Light copper scarlet brown hair is the result of rapid bleaching with red and blonde dyes.

This is a full-color process from root to tip with just a few highlights.

The idea is to find the balance between coppery blonde and light brown.

12. Light copper brown hair

This is another tint that improves with time.

Definitely, one of the hair colors that can become the ultimate goal after color touch-ups.

When achieved little by little, the color looks natural and healthy. Essential if you want to maintain the original state of your hair.

13. Light ash brown

The degradation of this dye is evident from the root.

This shade does not contain a yellow gold like its predecessor, but rather a dull gold creating the illusion of an ash brown.

Definitely, one of the hair colors that, although not so easy to achieve, will give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

14. Old gold

The blonde highlights are the focal point of the dye.

This faded light brown, old gold type, is one of the shades that most favors brunette skin, as it complements the tan tone.

It is also achieved after several months of color, but it is worth the wait.

Author: James Vargas

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