What are the best perfumes for men according to women

best perfumes for men

Choosing a fragrance is something very personal, but men love to win the female praise. We tell you what to choose to take all the applause.

The aroma of each body expresses a lot about the person. It is a great letter of presentation (for better or for worse) that communicates habits and personal qualities to others. That’s why it’s worth learning a little about recommended fragrances for each skin and about the latest trends in each season. To enter the subject, we tell you what are the best perfumes for men according to women.

The best perfumes for men according to women

There are many fragrances and it is impossible to be up to date with the number of perfumes and varieties that the brands launch. National, international, economic, luxury … The options are endless.

Being such a personal issue, objectively identifying the best perfume is a titanic task. However, a survey suggests what are the perfumes that women prefer in men.

1.Dior Sauvage by Christian Diorbest perfumes for men

This perfume maddens women. If what you want is to leave a good impression anywhere, this is the fragrance for you. It is a classic for which you will receive many accolades regardless of the occasion. The wildcard fragrance. It is one of the best perfumes for men according to women.

2. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Laurenbest perfumes for men

This colony works throughout the year and every time you want to make a good impression. Its intensity finds a perfect balance with its soft and sweet aromas. The contrast generates a distinctively masculine scent.

3. One Million by Paco Rabannebest perfumes for men

This colony stands alone. It is one of the most popular: those who use it love how the scent of roses combines with cinnamon and leather. This sophisticated aroma works well at any time of the year. It is one of the best perfumes for men according to women.

4. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultierbest perfumes for men

The magazine Men’s Fitness cataloged it as a guarantee to please women regardless of age. This fragrance has a contrast between warmth and masculinity, which will make you stand out among all men. The perfume of the winner.

5. Ck One by Calvin Kleinbest perfumes for men

While it is a unisex fragrance, it is one of the favorites of women and the best selling in history. This perfume has a subtle aroma that can be used in any situation. The right point of sophistication and courage.

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6. Cool Water by Davidoffbest perfumes for men

Although this perfume is usually classified as intense, many people use it and enjoy it because of its sweet nature. It is a sexy and masculine fragrance that women enjoy a lot. A classic that still impresses. It is one of the best perfumes for men according to women.

7. Eros of Versacebest perfumes for men

This fragrance gives off virility. It is vibrant, sexy and great for any event. It has a clean and perfectly balanced aroma. Both its bottle and its aroma have the touch of Italian elegance ideal for any time.

8. Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armanibest perfumes for men

If you ever wondered which colony makes women worship you, this is it. It has that aroma that makes everyone turn to look at you. With a mixture of citrus and sweets, it is of the aquatic olfactory family and perfect for those who want to be above the crowd.

9. King of Seduction by Antonio Banderasbest perfumes for men

If the idea of using perfume is not very convincing, this is a good place to start. It is the chameleon of masculine aromas. It is a well-balanced fragrance that does not overwhelm or flood the space.

10. The One by Dolce & Gabbanabest perfumes for men

With a unique and memorable tone, this fragrance lasts for a long time on the skin. While it is not cheap, it is worth paying its cost. Its aroma is friendly and will make others feel as if they had met you before. Ideal for women to enter in confidence.

How to choose the best perfumes for men

The aromas evoke situations, memories, people, and places. When we choose a perfume for men we have to take into account what effect we want to generate in others. Most people keep the essences in their memory and associate them with the person who uses them.

It seems simple but to choose a perfume it is important to take into account the type of skin, personal tastes if the person has any allergies and several other issues. Keep in mind that fragrances that are very pleasant for some people can be annoying for others. That is why it is essential not to buy the rushed and know some keys to finding the right perfume.

How to choose your ideal perfume

A fact that few know is that the same perfume can cause a different response in each type of skin: an essence can fire more or less intensity according to the body. In the same way, fragrances can last more or less depending on who uses them.

For all this, sometimes it is trial and error. It is not easy to discover which fragrance best suits each one of us, but there are some keys that you can take into account when choosing a fragrance.

That he likes and identifies

The most important thing of all is that the aroma likes the person who uses it because it is who will wear it all the time. It is very difficult to feel represented by something that we do not like. The ideal perfume is one that makes the user feel comfortable and safe.

The difference between cologne or perfume

it is not the same to buy a cologne as a perfume. The colony only contains 6 percent aromatic concentration. This means that it lasts less time on our skin and, if we want it to last, we will have to apply the product several times during the day. In contrast, the perfume has a  much higher aromatic concentration, which is usually between 20 and 30 percent. This makes the fragrance of a perfume can last on our skin for up to eight hours, ideal if we have a party or special event.

The type of skin

If you have oily skin, it is best that you look for a soft, light and discreet aroma. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry, be careful because it absorbs the fragrance with greater speed and you will have to strengthen it several times a day. The best thing is that you buy a perfume and not a cologne. In the case that you have sensitive skin, be especially careful when using any type of perfume because you can develop consequences such as irritation or inflammation.

The mood:

Perfumes and colognes allow expressing the personality and the state of mind. It is an excellent cover letter so the idea is to have two or three fragrances for each moment or situation. Many people have an aroma for day to day and another for the weekend or for some important event, when they resort to a more exclusive or expensive perfume.

A fragrance dresses us in the same way that a good shirt does. Just as wearing the wrong clothes can make a bad impression, choosing a bad perfume can be fatal. We tell you which are the preferred ones of the majority.

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