What to remember when running your own pub as a landlord

It is appealing to run your own pub. You will be your own boss and have more control over what you do. Being a landlord can also be a very social job. If you’re planning to become a landlord, here are some of the most important considerations!

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The skills required to be a landlord cannot be taught in a classroom. You will need dedication and commitment. Experience in a bar is helpful, but you can learn fast with courses. You will be required to greet customers and they like to see happy faces when they visit the pub. When dealing with difficult customers, you will need good people skills (every landlord must at some point).

You will be successful if you have a passion for your job. Get involved in the culture and industry in order to stay on top of new developments. You will also meet other people in the same position and develop friendships and relationships. For details on Finance For Pubs, take a look at https://www.specialistbusinessfinance.co.uk/hospitality-finance/finance-for-pubs/

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Think about the type of pub that you want – for example, if you want to focus on food, you will need to ensure that you are up to date with health and safety and hygiene regulations, and that you have the correct equipment. You can focus on quizzes and karaoke, for example. Make sure you promote your pub and make it known. You can use social media to announce that your business is open and holding an event. Include an introductory deal to encourage people to come in.

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