Different Ear Wax Colours And What They Might Mean

Have you ever wondered what your earwax says about your health? There are different colours of earwax and depending on which one you happen to find in your ear, you can have some idea of what’s going on. Of course, everyone is different and your earwax will be as unique as you are but there are some common indicators. Here are some of the different colours you might experience:

Dark Brown/Black – This might look alarming but is usually a sign that earwax has sat in the ear for slightly too long. It has oxidised and this is what causes the dark colour. If your earwax has become impacted, consider Ear wax removal Birmingham from a site like https://www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/northfield-birmingham/

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Green – This is commonly a sign of infection. If you notice a green tinge to your earwax or discharge from your ear, it’s time to speak to a health professional for treatment options like antibiotics.

Red – This could indicate blood in the ear canal. Earwax is the body’s natural defence mechanism for removing dirt and debris, so if there are streaks of red in the earwax, it could mean there is some bleeding in the outer ear canal.

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White – This colour normally indicates a build up of dead skin cells inside the ear canal. It is not normally anything to be concerned about and could be experienced by those suffering with skin conditions such as eczema, for example.

Author: Niru Taylor

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