Cassava Arepas: quick and easy recipe

Have you ever tried arepas de yuca? We are going to teach you how to make this dish in a very simple way. Then, you will only have to choose the accompaniment.

The arepas de yuca is a version of the Venezuelan dish that is gaining popularity every day. They are an excellent way to introduce carbohydrates into the diet, enjoying their organoleptic characteristics. In addition, they are quite simple to prepare if you follow the steps that we will give you below.

Before it is important to note that the introduction of complex carbohydrates in the diet is important, especially for athletes. These nutrients are responsible for providing the energy necessary to carry out the high-intensity activity, such as strength and muscle power work.


The ingredients that will be needed to prepare the arepas de yuca are the following:

  • 1 egg.
  • 2 cups of grated cheese.
  • 3 cups of yucca cooked and crushed.
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Step-by-step recipe

You have to start by washing the cassava well to remove the skin. It is placed in a pot with water and salt and boiled until it reaches a tender consistency.

At this time, it will be necessary to eliminate all the impurities and hardness that the cassava pulp contains, crushing it with a fork until it forms a paste.

Then, an egg is added and it is well integrated, along with the grated cheese. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients until obtain a homogeneous mass. Once this point is reached, add salt to taste and form balls.

The balls are wrapped with plastic paper greased with oil and with the help of a plate they are given an oval shape, typical of arepas. Heat a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil at the bottom to prevent sticking and cook until browned on both sides. Once they are ready they can be served with other ingredients, such as turkey cold cuts.

Cassava Nutritional Information

Cassava is a food belonging to the group of tubers. For this reason, it is characterized by providing high-quality, complex-type carbohydrates.

These are ideal for securing energy deposits. In addition, it has fiber inside, a substance that has been shown to be key to increasing the feeling of satiety.

From the point of view of micronutrients, cassava stands out for the presence of calcium. This mineral is key to ensuring good bone health in the medium term, according to a study published in the journal Nutrients. Especially in women, its intake is decisive, since it helps prevent loss in bone density.

Finally, we must refer to the potassium concentration of cassava. It is an element that participates in the regulation of blood pressure. According to research published in the International Journal of Cardiology, consuming large amounts of potassium can help manage high blood pressure.

Tips for the preparation of arepas de yuca

The preparation of the arepas de yuca is very simple , but you have to pay attention to a series of key moments. One of them has to do with the formation of the arepas as such. If they are left too large, they may not cook properly. However, if they are sharpened too much they break.

Also, use a non-stick pan to prevent the dough from sticking. For its cooking, it is always advisable to prioritize extra virgin olive oil over butter or lard, since vegetable fat better resists high temperatures. Otherwise, trans-type fatty acids will be formed in greater proportion.

Finally, the ingredients chosen for the accompaniment can be decisive. It is best to opt for a protein source since yucca arepas already provide carbohydrates. When using sausages, it is always a good idea to prioritize lean meats without nitrites as preservatives.

Prepare yucca arepas

Preparing arepas de yuca is a good idea. You only need a few ingredients and not too much time. You will obtain food that works as a source of carbohydrates, ideal to introduce into the diet of an active person.

In addition, they are versatile. Not only can they be accompanied by very diverse products, but they can also be consumed at different times of the day.

They work well for breakfast but are also an option for snacks. Avoid adding ingredients with high sugar content, such as syrups and honey. Otherwise, its nutritional value could be spoiled.

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