Ensuring that Sensitive Information Doesn’t get into the Hands of Criminals

Data theft and breaches in data security are a big risk to businesses as well as to individuals. Ensuring that you know what documents you need to keep safe, as well as how to do that is an important part of reducing your risk of this happening to you or to your business.

There are lots of documents that we would know to be sensitive and contain confidential information that definitely should not get into the wrong hands. Things like medical information, bank statements and anything that reveals sensitive information about a person or a business.

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However, some people do not realise that data theft can happen with documents that might not at first glance seem to be as sensitive – things like CVs that might be sent into a company for example can contain a great deal of personal information that could be stolen should it get into the hands of a criminal.

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Learning what information you need to protect is important, but is only half of the battle; once you know you then need to ensure that you protect it. Keeping electronic devices password protected and using good antivirus software is a good way to protect electronic documents. For paperwork, ensure that it is kept in a cabinet or storage box that can be locked, or even a safe.

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Author: Richard Brown

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