Running your own photography business in Bristol during Covid

Running your own business is extremely difficult and takes a lot of grit, hard work, dedication and determination. During the Covid Pandemic when everyone was told to stay at home and isolate, a lot of businesses unfortunately couldn’t continue, and people lost their livelihoods.  Those that did manage to survive had to adapt and change the way they worked.  Running your own photography company was particularly difficult during Covid because weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and even Christmas had to be either postponed or celebrated with only a few close friends and family.  No professional photographers were allowed and this flourishing, artistic and sought-after business was hit hard.

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The photography business, like many others, had to adapt and change, focusing their cameras not on people celebrating but on beautiful buildings and unusual structures.  Cutting as many costs as possible, the large amount of equipment required was transported from Clifton Suspension Bridge to the S.S. Great Britain in a vehicle from a professional company such as who specialise in Van Hire Bristol.  The choice of vans and the guarantee that they would run smoothly with no mechanical errors made the idea of hiring rather than buying a sensible option.  Choosing the size of the vehicle for each photoshoot, knowing that the hire cost would only be incurred while the van was in use and having peace of mind that there would be no expensive repair bills was also a major factor.

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Travelling around Bristol was probably the easiest part of the photography business during Covid because the roads were fairly quiet, and the van was a quality vehicle that had plenty of room inside to stow all the essential equipment needed. Taking fabulous photos of Bristol Cathedral or Blaise Castle and grounds was completed successfully and then all the photos turned into prints and sold to keep the business ticking over until weddings and parties could resume. Being able to hire a reliable vehicle to keep this type of business running was the difference between it collapsing and surviving. If you have a small company that needs transport to survive, why not consider the rental option for your vehicles, no outlandish repair bills and no time lost when the van is off the road due to a breakdown.

Author: Richard Brown

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