The life and times of Le Corbusier

It might be quite unlikely that you will recognise the name of Le Corbusier but the every home you are sitting in may have been directly influenced by his work. He was a Swiss-French designer, artistic and architect (to name but a few things he could do) who set out to reinvent the way that housing was built and designed. Invariable this would have been using concrete, which he saw as a perfect new medium and build material to create his work in. You can be sure that he would have been in touch with a Concrete Stroud based specialist like to help him create the masterpieces that he came up with.

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First and foremost Le Corbusier was deeply committed to creating better living spaces than there had been before. Being born in the late 1800s he had seen the kind of living conditions that many people had had to endure. As a result he wanted to create places that were open and light yet retained a sense of community.

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He is very much into the style of cubism. This involves breaking down everything you see into squares or blocks. It’s fair to say that he would have found the game Minecraft fascinating and intriguing. This translated itself into his designs for large scale living spaces and even the design of cities. One of his greatest achievements is the City of  Chandigarh in India.

Author: Richard Brown

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