How to spend a weekend with your husband

, weekend with your husband

Weekend with your  husband-Every woman dreams of transforming married life burdened by everyday problems into a romantic and beautiful candy-bouquet period. Indeed, for most couples after a splendid honeymoon, personal life comes to naught, the relationship becomes “neighborly” and boils down to doing household chores, raising children and providing for the family. Absence of common interests and interests, aspirations and desires among partners, holding apart weekends and holidays often become the main cause of conflicts in the family, often leading to divorce.

Joint leisure, time spent with your second half – the family idyll hours, are very important and necessary to preserve the fragile crystal crown of love – the family. Slavic women have always been considered guardians of the home, it is they who often think about how to spend the weekend with your  husband with her husband and stir up old passionate feelings.

In choosing the options for leisure, do not hesitate to take the initiative, relying on your imagination, desires, family traditions, lifestyle and preferences of family members. The main thing: that the rest together brought only positive emotions and was not a burden to one of the partners. We offer you some tips and ideas on how to spend a weekend with your  husband.

How interesting to spend a weekend with your  husband

Ensure freedom

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That in the coming weekend you could devote time exclusively to each other, make sure that these days you are left alone together. Take your favorite kids to visit your grandmother, thereby giving them joy and freedom.

Refuse on Saturday and Sunday from all official duties, try to be in the non-access areas of colleagues and management. You can warn the boss in advance that on Saturday and Sunday you will be in a remote village where there is no mobile connection.

Check that your spouse is also in a zone of free comfort: he was not assigned business negotiations, there was not an urgent business trip or a football match did not shine.

We return in the period of visits

Remember how you spent your time before the wedding, what activities you enjoyed most, where your spouse assigned appointments, how your meetings were going. Discuss with the husband where he would like to visit, what to see, what cuisine to try. Ask what his most secret desires and compare with your preferences and the possibilities of the family budget. Let the man become a knight-conqueror again and offer his options for joint recreation.

Do not wait for Saturday morning, make an action plan for the weekend with your  husband. You and your spouse will find it much easier to relax and tune in to rest when a clear program of action is planned.

Activity and energy

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If you and your spouse are busy with mostly sedentary office work, active pastime is an ideal beneficial solution for the body and soul.

You can go hiking outside the city and make a halt in a beautiful place near the lake. You can wander through the forest, get some fresh air and collect a her barium of autumn leaves. For avid mushroom pickers, fishing enthusiasts, the issue with a resting place for the weekend – certainly resolved. Excellent to go for a walk on bicycles and somewhere on the lawn to have a picnic.

Very romantic, and useful for health, leisure near water. We can swim, sunbathe and have fun in the water. A gentle embrace of the beloved wife will bring a lot of pleasant pleasures. What can best resurrect the feelings of the past? Undoubtedly, this is an evening by the fire, contemplation of the starry sky, the fragrance of nature and the night spent in the tent.

For fans of thrill, an unusual way to spend the weekend with your husband will be playing paintball. You can even be silly with your loved ones and do pranks to your special friends with these funny numbers to call. To get rid of negative emotions will help and not cheap extreme variants: jumps with a parachute and so fashionable – jumps from the bridge. Try to conquer the summits in the courses of climbers, experience the adrenaline rush, taking up carting. Romantic and exciting decision: to visit riding lessons, where you can arrange horse racing race with your beloved.

Enjoying Art

There are a lot of options for more quiet and creative leisure. You can visit exhibitions and master classes, see a theatrical performance or a concert show. You can learn new items of film distribution and museum expositions.

Try to rediscover the beauty of your native land – viewing the sights of the city. You can become a real gourmet by trying the dishes of different cuisines of the world. The main thing: diversify routes and carefully study the poster of upcoming events in the city.

Sunday shopping

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What is the best way for a woman to relieve stress? Of course, go shopping for shopping! And if the shopping is accompanied by a husband with a purse, then such a trip will become the embodiment of the desires of any fashionista.

Unfortunately, most men do not like this prospect to spend their legal day off. But every woman can do so that the husband is not bored, not angry, and enjoyed shopping. Simply, it is necessary to change the rules. For sure, you know what your faithful has long and passionately dreamed of. Suggest him to go together for the long-awaited new thing.

Any man will appreciate the offer to be in the role of adviser and critic in choosing the purchases for you. And if you invite him to try on a fitting dress or erotic lingerie, make a hint about the continuation of your defile already in the bedroom, then surely your spouse will want to do shopping again.

Very close partners are joint purchases of any equipment, furniture, household utensils, souvenirs. The only requirement: to learn to hear and listen to a partner, take into account the wishes of both and strive to find a compromise.

Bed rest

For many of our compatriots loaded in service, the best rest is a dream and lying in bed. It is “doing nothing” often we are very lacking. Do not deny yourself this: give up early recovery and have a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy a warm relaxing bath. Order delicious food with home delivery and have dinner by candlelight. Get your photos archives, because it’s nice to remember the old days, looking through a family album. Look for your favorite movies or some new movie. Listen to pleasant music or just talk with your husband.

Try to spend a day off in the gentle embrace of the spouse, this will make you feel so close, loved and necessary for each other. Flirt with the partner, awakening his basic instincts.

The main thing: do not spoil the cherished weekend with your  husband by clarifying the relationship and saying the accumulated discontent. Try not to fuss and worry, become caring and gentle, do not forget that your chosen one is the best man in the world.

How to give space to weekend with your  husband?

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He asks you to shout that you let him go out with his friends, that he needs space, but you die for not taking away from him. It is time to reflect and understand that you need to take a step back. We want to tell you how.

The problem for women is that often, when they are in a couple, they focus their whole lives and their expectations on it and forget that they have to cultivate a life of their own.

Here is the first advice. Never let your partner absorb you completely . Leave time for your friends, to go out with your work colleagues for a few reeds, or do the French course you’ve always wanted.

If he asks for time, it’s simple, give it to him . Do not think that you are being unfaithful, much less, you will only want time with your male friends. Let him feel free , this is the only way he will remain by your side.

Become your friend , not the evil bride . Invite your friends to your home and take care of them, yes, giving them the space to feel comfortable and in confidence. You do not have to stay in the conversation.

Finally, weekend with your  husband there is only one life, and it is a waste not to make the most of it. Time flies by and when you least expect it, the best years have been left behind. The same thing happens with love: if you now have a special person with whom you are living your best story at your side, try to do some of these things together.

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