French Style Dress For Women

French Style Dress For Women

Parisian women have long been recognized worldwide as the standard of taste. Apparently, the art of beautiful dressing is passed on from them. What gives the French style indescribable charm? Experts believe that its main highlight is a combination of elegance and comfort. Calm colors, low heels, classic motifs – these are the three whales of Parisian fashion.

French women value naturalness, they dress as feminine, but at the same time, with slight negligence. It should be noted that compared to the 20th century, the recognizable image of the French woman that you used to see in the pictures has undergone major changes. Such traditional items of women’s clothing, like a fluffy skirt, long gloves are a thing of the past.

Secrets of the French style

French women prefer high-quality classic items to trendy novelties. Natural fabrics, first-class tailoring, excellent accessories are always in the price. English proverb “We are not so rich to buy cheap things” is popular on the other side of the English Channel. High-quality clothes wear longer and fit perfectly on the figure.

Basic wardrobe

Consider which items of clothing will help you become an icon of French style.

French Style Dress For Women


Favorite clothes of women of France – every possible dress. In this style, a variety of models are in demand: A-line dresses, sheath, wrap, shirt dress, multi-layered. An important nuance for the French style is the length of the line of the knees, slightly lower or higher. This rule fits perfectly into the casual concept of style. Characteristic details: turn-down round collar, 3/4 sleeve, frills, framing neckline.

Light dresses with a floral print are in the wardrobe of every French girl. Patterns are very different: from peas to vintage compositions. One can not forget about the most recognizable silhouette of Coco Chanel. It’s about a little black dress. Debut back in 1926, the style has not lost its popularity in our days. Almost all famous designers from Ralph Lauren to Donna Karan included a small black dress in their clothing lines. His modesty and restraint become French chic framed by a string of pearls, a clutch bag, and a seductive hairpin.

In the photo – popular styles of a black dress.

French Style Dress For Women


The skirt is a constant style guide for a true Frenchwoman. The most common is a straight strict silhouette, but models such as pencil, tulip, or bell flares are also loved. The length of the midi is still relevant. Options in maxi performance are welcomed mainly as festive clothing. Usually, long skirts are narrow enough with small cuts.


The opinion that the French style does not encourage this emancipated women’s clothing is incorrect. After all, they provide convenience. If you are most comfortable in trousers, you can not change their preferences. The main requirements: straight silhouette, dear matter, and flawless cut. The presence of decorative elements on the trousers is not welcome: rhinestones, sequins, lacing, rivets, etc.

Perfect outfit – breeches 7/8 in combination with a classic jacket. This democratic style does not exclude even jeans, in particular, boyfriends, which emphasize the notorious carelessness.

French Style Dress For Women


In the French style, blouses embody femininity and seductiveness, however, like other elements of the wardrobe. Classical silhouettes have a set-in sleeve, a turn-down gate, and are equipped with small buttons.

To create an elegant look, models with a frill collar and a chemise shirt are ideal. Some ensembles are harmoniously complemented by a tie. Cropped trousers or a pencil skirt act as stylish “partners” in a set for blouses. Vest, which is called the Breton top, gives a special charm to the image.

French Style Dress For Women


A stylish jacket is a tribute that the French style gives to an aristocracy. In cold weather, a more concise end along with hard to find. Important details: a straight line of shoulders, rounded cuffs a minimum of accessories. You can wear such jackets with almost any clothing: elegant skirts, dresses and even your favorite jeans.

Connoisseurs of style recommend choosing loose coats, trench coats, coats of straight cut or trapezium as outerwear. As always in the subject of products made from natural materials: cashmere, leather, suede.

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Genuine French chic is unthinkable without the right shoes. The leaders of the cold season are suede booties. The hit shoe for Parisians was the model dicker with a steady heel – the perfect casual version with a cowboy accent. Ankle boots are worn with a skirt, and with jeans of different shades. Choose models of neutral colors that are easily combined with any outfit.

French Style Dress For Women

Derby boots look organic with a shirt, trousers, and a felt hat is a good fit. Extravagant French girls prefer biker boots. Despite the somewhat defiant look, for the convenience of these shoes is difficult to find an alternative.

In warm weather, ballet flats, sandals and sandals are most in demand. Noteworthy are the original espadrilles. These cloth slippers on a flat run or wedge – the national footwear of the Catalan peasants came to France from Spain. Even luxury brands make them today. The best options for French-style espadrilles are blue or from unbleached flax.

Classic exit shoes usually have a round toe and a low heel.


French style is not overloaded with an abundance of accessories. The most harmonious look:

  • Berets that can be worn both straight and sideways.
  • Scarves wrapped around the neck several times.

French Style Dress For Women

  • Stylish sunglasses. Their French women are worn as ornaments, regardless of the sun in the sky.
  • Bags preferably small size.
  • Dim jewelry.
  • Women’s watch with an elegant strap.

French stylists are guided by the rule “Minus one” from the legendary Coco Chanel. It is relevant for women who believe that the more accessories, the more beautiful. We are talking not only about jewelry, but also scarves, glasses, handkerchiefs, straps, etc. The creator of the style of “luxurious simplicity” said: “Before you leave the house, take a close look at yourself in the mirror and remove one extra accessory”. French women are well aware that an elegant dress should not be burdened with elaborate decorations. The beauty of a fashionable outfit is best emphasized by a simple little bag and modest shoes.

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Learning to dress like a real Frenchwoman

Forget about trends

In Paris, well-known brands sell fashionable clothes on every corner, but the modus vivendi of French outlet is a classic. French women are not slaves of fashion. They will carefully study the direction of the new season and choose a couple of things to update the image, giving a stylish twist to the classic reading.

Do not wear all typical items at once.

Some glossy magazines offer to look completely French: with Breton stripes, large sunglasses, a beret. If you follow this cliche, then you can safely go to a costume party. In fairness, it should be noted that the classic berets are back in fashion in the last winter seasons. But connecting them to the strip is an obvious move on.

French Style Dress For Women

Stick to neutral colors

You will not see an abundance of bright colors on the streets of France. Black is certainly considered the classic image of French chic, but shades of chocolate, white, blue and gray are no less popular. Clothes of these colors are easily combined, so she is always in demand. Monochrome is also in favor: black and white combinations are always at the peak of fashion. If French women use bright colors, then only as an accent.

Say no to sporting style.

French women choose sportswear just for sports. For them, this is a sign of respect for themselves and others. Wearing casual sneakers or leggings is a sure sign that you are a foreigner in France.

Wear comfortable shoes

Girls in France do not wear heels every day. Contrary to Evelina Khromchenko’s insistent recommendations, you can give your tired legs a rest. French women’s favorite shoes are black ballet flats. This is one of the five items that a French-style fan should have. Contrary to the stereotype, women save their heels for solemn occasions and wear shoes daily at low speed.

French Style Dress For Women

Play on opposites

Think of a raincoat flirting over a pink dress, jeans with blouses with ruffles, red lipstick with a simple white shirt and, of course, elegant accessories that are timeless and not fashionable.

Say goodbye to cotton linen

Why is it so difficult to find women’s cotton underwear in France? Because French women just do not buy it. They wear lace underwear every day because their mothers and grandmothers brought them up like this. This is a great reason to always feel bold and sexy. After all, you are a woman!

Do not be afraid of careless clothes

A key lesson in French style is that things should not be tight. Images inspired by men’s clothing can look very attractive on a woman. The legendary Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized the French fashion. He first dressed his models in trouser suits. Today, on the streets of Paris, you can see the strict jacket, volumetric jackets, loose shirts, trousers with arrows, brogues, and hats on women. These and many other things the French style boldly borrowed from the men’s wardrobe.

French Style Dress For Women

Ease is not to force each piece of clothing to demonstrate your best qualities. When composing a kit, think about the overall impression it produces. For example, loose jeans and a baggy shirt hide the waist and hips but emphasize wrists, ankles, and collarbones. This outfit looks no less tempting than a fitting dress.

Model Carolyn de Maigret said this about her favorite French style: “The idea is to find the true self, and not to be a product of what society wants.” Do not follow our advice impartially. Relate them to your attitude and mood. In fact, personal vision can be the most valuable French thing in your image.

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